Saturday, August 17, 2013

No day classes

Yesterday I ate at Pancake House because there were no more pancakes in the fast food places. That was expensive for me, but I have to give an incentive to myself to eat breakfast. I didn't have Public Officers so I just studied Agency. I was able to read 20 cases but haven't digested them yet. I also got called in Remedial Law. Our professor asked us why special civil actions are different from ordinary civil actions. This wasn't in the books at all, but he told us that the nature, parties, and reliefs are different and very limited in special civil actions.

Today I was out most of the time. I ate bread and crackers and drank hot chocolate. Then I ate lunch at Chow King. Then I volunteered at the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. The people were very friendly but I won't tell their names in case someone really reads this. I ate at Jollibee and rode with our chairperson in our inactive organization. Haha. I ate seafood pasta along JP Laurel Street. Then I attended class, and I'm so relaxed because I won't be called. The best news came at night when I learned that we won't have Agency tomorrow (or today since it's 2 AM now). I just digested 7 cases then stopped when I heard the news.

Tomorrow, I will just review for labor law review and attend remedial law review. Happy weekend!

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