Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Make it just in time

Today I woke up from 6 am to 8 am only to sleep again. Then I finally left my bed at 8:30 am. I ate breakfast, prepared myself, and went to school before 10 am. Thank goodness I was not called today.   So I started with 10 pages out of the assigned 50 pages for Wednesday.

I ate at Katag after thinking they have roast beef again. I was wrong. I didn't like any of their rice meals so I just ate pasta. Long Island still has better pasta. I studied the public officers book in a reading room in Palma Hall. I slept and played games as well.

Then I went to Katipunan to buy lotto tickets. Afternoon is a bad time to travel along Katipunan. Then I went to Cubao because I still have my LRT card. I have to use it before it expires. I called my grandmother in the province and thanked her for the food she sent us.

I went to the bookstores thinking I can read my cases in a chair there. They don't have chairs. So I went to the food court and read the public officers cases. Then I ate dinner from Oriental Bowl. The honey chicken is good but the pancit was not good. I remembered to buy milk so I bought 3 packs of milks for less than P20 each in the grocery.

 I called my mother when I went home. Then my lock exploded so I fixed it. I was able to put it back together but it doesn't work now. I paid my landlord. I studied part of my lessons. I watched television. I blog. This is my life.

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