Monday, July 08, 2013

Health is wealth

Last Friday, I just had one class in the evening. I woke up at 9 am and stayed in bed till 11 am. I ate at Katag in Faculty Center. They have delicious food at affordable prices. I will eat there on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.

Yesterday I recited in partnership and remedial law. The first recitation was better, but both were good enough for me. We will have makeup classes in remedial law on July 20 and in partnership on July 27. So I will go home late on those nights.

Today we celebrated mass and visited my aunt. She is now better at home. Then I had a headache after our visit. Maybe I should rest more and avoid anti-histamine medicine. Health is wealth. Mommy read a touching letter from my grandparents. I should call them tomorrow.

I talked to the dayghter of my landlord and my room mate. I forgot to pay the rent even though I saw my landlord today. I am reading on Amazon a book by Jared Diamond called A World Until Yesterday.

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