Friday, June 14, 2013


I don't have a research topic yet, but I will definitely write about family law.
1. Article 36 (psychological incapacity) is out because it has already been exhausted.
2. Reproductive health (RH) is also out because it has probably been exhausted too.
3. I can write on the divorce bill because I believe marriage should be free.
4. I can write on support, because support can take a long time through courts.
5. I can write on illegitimate children since it's not their fault they were born that way.
6. I can write on maternal health & infant mortality as Millennium Development Goals.
7. I can write on violence against women and their children (VAWC) to stop the abuse.

I already have some research topics for other legal fields based on Facebook trends.
1. Constitutional law - Pol Medina's suspension and resignation over a comic strip
2. Administrative law - How to mitigate the yearly floods and storms in the Philippines
3. Administrative law - Official use of Filipino languages in laws, rules, and regulations
4. Labor law - Contractualization of medical staff in government hospitals - Taguig
5. Property law - Conflict in conditional land donation to local government - SM Aura
6. Property law - Government land leases to private sector - UP Technohub, BCDA
7. International law - Maritime disputes - China, Taiwan, West Philippine Sea
8. Election law - Voter education, election campaign reform, election fraud

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