Saturday, June 08, 2013

End and begin

Today is the second time that I will blog this month. So many things have happened this week. We turned over our cases to the new law interns and finished our summer legal practicum requirements. For me, I had to submit a form and discuss something with the director. We also enrolled and attended our first week of classes. I have no internet in the house so it is only now that I remembered to blog. I can't believe that I'm in my fourth year of studying law.

We have 16 months to go before the bar exam in 2014. Although I do not plan to march in the graduation ceremony in April 2014, I hope to graduate by June 2014 so I can take the bar exam in October 2014. Our professor in partnership, agency & trust told us that we should study as though we just took the bar and failed it. Imagining this would strike fear in us and force us to study. Fear would force us to stay awake and study better than ice and cigarettes. He also said that we should learn another language and practice whatever language we know. The more we memorize, the more we know. The more we repeat, the more we remember.

Our professor in remedial law review also told us to know the rules by heart. I feel bad in that class because I am unable to answer basic questions instantly and have to look up the provisions in the Rules of Court. I would have to prepare for the bar every day. Maybe I should also imagine every day that I will take the bar the next day so I should study well. Our professor gave us assignments to do, but we would still review the remedial law that we know next meeting. I am reading the Rules of Court every day, but I still feel that I do not know the rules by heart. My next class would be supervised legal research. We are only seven in our class.

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