Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome home

My mother came home from America. She came home on Saturday and had many gifts for us. told her about my adventures in arguing in moot court, trying to donate blood in the hospital, and walking around in a new mall. I also told her about how my father lied to us and asked for forgiveness.

She felt hot here in the Philippines because it was spring in America. Our brother in America was doing well, but she still worries about him. He's a doctor but he smokes and drinks a lot. Our cousin and her family have overstayed their visit in America for years and are struggling to get by in life.

We visited our aunt and uncle. They now have a new household helper. My uncle has a project with a domestic electric company and a foreign manufacturing company. But he wasn't yet paid for his services ever since the project had already started. We told him to ask for his fair compensation.

We just have to be grateful for our blessingsl. We have enough money that earns interest that we don't have to work to survive. We have a good family that we respect, love, and trust. We have studies and work that make our lives meaningful. We have people from all walks of life that teach and inspire us.

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