Tuesday, May 07, 2013

We all make mistakes

Today I appeared before the judge. Sabaw ako kanina. First, I didin't have a written manifestation of substitution of law intern because my supervisors said that I do not need it. Second, I did not introduce my office or supervising lawyer. Third, I did not have the certified true copy of the certificate with me so I had to get it from a client. Fourth, I did not know what to say next after my manifestation so my supervising lawyer told the judge about the motion we will do.

The good news is that I was able to help my client. We went home. First, I inquired from the pension site, downloaded passport application forms, and got the receipts. Second, we went to the bank and asked the manager if the bank could pay utility bills. Third, we went to the barangay and filed a complaint about the other girlfriend who did not give the documents to our client or her children.

Then we went to the project for case decongestion. We stood up for two hours. We heard two justices speak. We ate cocktail food. We got many pictures. We ate Filipino food at the Wooden Spoon. We laughed at jokes and intrigues. We had a good time.

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