Sunday, May 19, 2013

Present and object

We had moot court yesterday. We were supposed to do the direct exam on our expert witness. But we muddled our way through because our group mate assigned to handle the direct exam did not prepare well. I felt bad because she volunteered for that part and she had trial experience.

But we as a team should have prepared for the direct exam as well and tried to practice before the moot court. It was a good thing that the judge and our expert witness were very kind and helped us in our presentation.

We were better in our objections and cross exam of the accused. But I should have prepared for cross and raised the questions I prepared for recross on cross. I could have helped demolish the accused's alibi. But I did not do cross. I also learned that we should object fast before the witness could answer. 

Moot court was a good learning experience. We should prepare hard especially for trial. As a judge used to say, preparing for trial is like preparing for war.

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