Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prepare and fight

This morning, I just read wikis and blogs on the internet. I'm so lazy in the morning. I should seriously think of another career where I can use legal skills but do not have to report to work at 8 am. I went to the office after lunch, printed a draft letter, and showed it to my supervisor.

He told me to make a subpoena. So I searched the internet and found an application for a subpoena. I went to the library and found a form for a subpoena. I drafted the application and subpoena itself. But I still made many mistakes about the form. At least the subpoena application was signed by 5 pm.

I learned that in addition to the fact that 110 law students may be dropped from the rolls, the college imposed a P 5,000 reservation fee that was non-deductible and non-refundable. This has made UP sound more expensive than Benilde. The irony was the reservation fee is a donation to a scholarship fund, but the fee allegedly has no receipt. I hope we repeal this.

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