Friday, May 24, 2013


I had a dream. I was going to a hearing. The supervising lawyer was one of my professors. We waited for my client to come. Then our client came with her whole family. The judge came and the venue became a shopping mall. The judge asked for the appraisal of mirrors because it was a settlement of estate. We appraised the mirrors at P10,000 while the opposing party appraised the mirror at P200,00. The judge laughed at the appraisal that the parties gave.  Then we watched a play given by the opposing party for the presentation of facts. I saw a classmate in high school in the play. The play ended and we went home.

I saw my professor wearing a priest's robe and holding a chalice. I asked him if we were going to talk about the case. He said that we will have dinner. I didn't like that because I don't like having dinner alone with men. He also said before that I should wash my face more often. I think he said that because my face is oily. I walked outside until the place became full of grass and some trees. I hailed a jeep to go home. I woke up.

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