Thursday, May 09, 2013

Be very good

Yesterday was duty day in the office. I was on desk duty and phone duty. It means welcoming clients and applicants who walk in, directing them to interns who will interview them, and answering phone calls. Then we had case conferences before lunch and before dismissal.

My supervising lawyer in the morning told me that I was very good in handling my case because I went beyond what was needed. Even though she said that, I feel that I'm not doing enough. I should just focus on doing the best for my clients and let God do the rest. We have to learn, work, and care everyday.

My supervising lawyer in the afternoon asked us about our initiatory cases. My case involves an employee who co-signed a loan with seven other people. But the principal debtor ran away so the employer is going against the co-signers. So I told that our client went to the barangay but is awaiting the response. Our boss asked me if I can look if we could give demand letters to the other co-signees. But today, I learned that the deductions for the loan are proportional to each share of each co-signer.

In the evening, we went to 70s Bistro because the Ateneo de Davao people are going home. We talked and laughed a lot about law school and life in general. We watched The bands Bad Hair Day and Pintura play. I was half-sleeping while they played even though the muic was loud. Then we watched Gracenote play their own songs and crowd requests. I was amazed at them. We got home after 1 am. It was all good fun.

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