Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm such an internet addict.When I did not have wifi in the boarding house, I went to school and tried the wifi there. But I could not get any site at all so I went to the computer lab. But the lab was closed so I went to an internet shop and used a desktop.

I just remembered something that our supervising lawyer said in our last conference. We don't have a best intern in our group because the best intern will ask for more work and go beyond what is asked. We just do what is enough. I hope I can be better in what I do.

Hear and light

Today I had my last hearing for this summer. The court was in the province so our travel and waiting times were longer than the actual hearing itself. We only presented two original documents but the judge granted our subpoena for the third document. However, cross exam for our witness was reset to September. That will be a long time to prepare for the next intern.

When I got to school, there was a vigil for the 110 law students who are in danger from being dropped from law schools. People wore white. Student leaders and alumni were there. The mood was tense. But the office of the college secretary decided not to drop all of them. Those who appealed were not automatically dropped. Is this just delaying the inevitable?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today is the last day for random enlistment. Last week, I got C for Public Officers, S for Labor Policy, P for Research, and R for Intellectual Property. I'll try to get Criminal Law and Remedial Law. I'll enlist Agency and Partnership, Negotiable Instruments, and Research. 

I just saw on Facebook that there will be a blogging summit in school. I want to join, but I have to stay in school for two more days. Plus, I have to come out with my blog. I can always wait at the last minute to sign up. If it fills up before I sign up, I will take it as a sign. Good luck to all of us!

Prepare and fight

This morning, I just read wikis and blogs on the internet. I'm so lazy in the morning. I should seriously think of another career where I can use legal skills but do not have to report to work at 8 am. I went to the office after lunch, printed a draft letter, and showed it to my supervisor.

He told me to make a subpoena. So I searched the internet and found an application for a subpoena. I went to the library and found a form for a subpoena. I drafted the application and subpoena itself. But I still made many mistakes about the form. At least the subpoena application was signed by 5 pm.

I learned that in addition to the fact that 110 law students may be dropped from the rolls, the college imposed a P 5,000 reservation fee that was non-deductible and non-refundable. This has made UP sound more expensive than Benilde. The irony was the reservation fee is a donation to a scholarship fund, but the fee allegedly has no receipt. I hope we repeal this.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I had a dream. I was going to a hearing. The supervising lawyer was one of my professors. We waited for my client to come. Then our client came with her whole family. The judge came and the venue became a shopping mall. The judge asked for the appraisal of mirrors because it was a settlement of estate. We appraised the mirrors at P10,000 while the opposing party appraised the mirror at P200,00. The judge laughed at the appraisal that the parties gave.  Then we watched a play given by the opposing party for the presentation of facts. I saw a classmate in high school in the play. The play ended and we went home.

I saw my professor wearing a priest's robe and holding a chalice. I asked him if we were going to talk about the case. He said that we will have dinner. I didn't like that because I don't like having dinner alone with men. He also said before that I should wash my face more often. I think he said that because my face is oily. I walked outside until the place became full of grass and some trees. I hailed a jeep to go home. I woke up.

Pass, not fail

We have 26 students in our batch, 23 in the incoming juniors, and 63 in the incoming sophomores who may be dropped from the rolls. That's a total of 110 students or about 1/4 of the whole student population who might be let go by the college. I'm just grateful that I was able to meet the Quality Point Index (QPI) rule. But we still have to support our classmates who were not so fortunate. I can't sleep. I should try to sleep.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Love and labor

Yesterday I went to my supervising lawyer to correct my letter. My teammates went to her to prepare for a hearing. I went to my client and helped her serve the letter to the other girlfriend. My mother called me at the house and she was worried. 

Today we went to our expert witness and head of the DNA lab. She was very kind to us. We went to the picket site of Digitel employees in front of the PLDT in Makati. We read their papers and talked to them. By we, I mean our org mate, volunteers of a student political party, a college representative, and the chairperson of the university student council. We went to the labor center in Mandaluyong and talked to the officers of the union. I got home at 11 pm.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome home

My mother came home from America. She came home on Saturday and had many gifts for us. told her about my adventures in arguing in moot court, trying to donate blood in the hospital, and walking around in a new mall. I also told her about how my father lied to us and asked for forgiveness.

She felt hot here in the Philippines because it was spring in America. Our brother in America was doing well, but she still worries about him. He's a doctor but he smokes and drinks a lot. Our cousin and her family have overstayed their visit in America for years and are struggling to get by in life.

We visited our aunt and uncle. They now have a new household helper. My uncle has a project with a domestic electric company and a foreign manufacturing company. But he wasn't yet paid for his services ever since the project had already started. We told him to ask for his fair compensation.

We just have to be grateful for our blessingsl. We have enough money that earns interest that we don't have to work to survive. We have a good family that we respect, love, and trust. We have studies and work that make our lives meaningful. We have people from all walks of life that teach and inspire us.

Present and object

We had moot court yesterday. We were supposed to do the direct exam on our expert witness. But we muddled our way through because our group mate assigned to handle the direct exam did not prepare well. I felt bad because she volunteered for that part and she had trial experience.

But we as a team should have prepared for the direct exam as well and tried to practice before the moot court. It was a good thing that the judge and our expert witness were very kind and helped us in our presentation.

We were better in our objections and cross exam of the accused. But I should have prepared for cross and raised the questions I prepared for recross on cross. I could have helped demolish the accused's alibi. But I did not do cross. I also learned that we should object fast before the witness could answer. 

Moot court was a good learning experience. We should prepare hard especially for trial. As a judge used to say, preparing for trial is like preparing for war.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Work, work, work

Today we got the DNA report and amended case background so we amended our complaint affidavit. The other team sent their counter affidavit and pre trial order. We added our part to the pre trial order and prepared questions for direct exam and cross exam. We also coordinated with the actors for the presentation. I got home after 10 pm. If this is the work when we're not yet lawyers, how much more when we are lawyers already? It's never ending work.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do moot court

We've been preparing for moot court on a rape case since Tuesday. We had a coin toss to choose our side. We became the prosecution. We drafted our complaint affidavit, information, and direct exam questions. But we haven't received the DNA report from our expert witness yet. But we can do this.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vote and forgive

I already voted this morning. My brother drove me there. I went to my precint, voted, and got out after ten minutes. There were no long lines. I went home by jeep. We went to the precint after 8 am, voted before 9 am, and got home before 10 am.

My father ate lunch at home. He asked for forgiveness. I forgave him. I also told him that I had to forgive him everyday. I just watched news and movies and slept in the afternoon. Maybe I have to start working on the affidavits, letters, and forms.


Today I will vote. I have listed the people and party that I will vote for. I have begged off working as a paralegal for thousands of pesos on election day so that I could vote. In the words of the saying, "I may only be one, but I am one. I may not do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. What I ought to do, by the grace of God, I will do."

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Love your family

Today I saw on Facebook that one of my professors had a son. Cheers! Even our director in the office has two grandchildren. Great!

I just remembered that my mother yearns for grandchildren. As much I welcome having children myself, I am not sexually attracted to men or women. Maybe it's because of my Catholic upbringing. I don't know if I can be attracted to men in the future. Maybe love will come in time. Or maybe not.

But if I had a husband and children, I would definitely love them as much as I love my family. I love my family and would do anything for them. But I also give them space and freedom. I'm pretty easygoing and laidback. This attitude is so unlike law school. I wish we could make the law easier to follow.

I would like to homeschool my children or even unschool them. People learn best what they want to learn. So if they have an interest, we will pursue that interest until it becomes something they can do on their own. We can go on a farm, on a park, in a museum, or on field trips.

I would invest enough money so that I could stay at home full time if I wanted. Of course, any mother could stay at home if she has a partner who works full time, at any income range. But I don't want to be a burden to my husband. Or maybe he would welcome the challenge of providing for our family.

I would have to stay healthy. Though I am underweight, I have polycystic ovary syndrome and a retroverted uterus. Sorry for saying those medical conditions but it is true. This simply means that I might have a harder time getting pregnant. So I just have to eat plenty, sleep well, and walk often.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pick a lifestyle

Today I drafted letters to government agencies but was not able to send them. I met two clients in the afternoon and learned more about their case. I really admire them because in spite of the harassment they get, they are pursuing their case to help people. I read the affidavits for the moot court tomorrow and gave comments to my team mate. Now I'm just reading blogs on the internet.

Maybe I should wake up earlier in the day. So I could work earlier. I just read Penelope Trunk's new post that you should choose a career not based on a job, but on a lifestyle. That makes sense. There is more to life than work. 

I'm so laidback that sometimes I think lawyering sounds like a bad career for me. Maybe I could do consultations over the internet or do electronic notarization. I just want to be a notary public / corporate secretary / human rights lawyer with hours from 10 am to 10 pm. Maybe I should have just chosen to study to become a paralegal instead of a lawyer. I like a relaxed life.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Choose what you want

This is the second instance that someone said that it was a waste for someone like me who was inclined to science to choose another course such as law. This statement was made by our director in the office. The first instance was at the cocktail party at the foreign service exam. I was told so by the person in charge of the foreign service institute, which handles training for diplomats.

I just noticed that both people who said these statements were women and were not natural scientists. Our director had a media background before she went to law school. The diplomat had a social science background as well. They were already high-ranking women in their respective fields. But none of the scientists or engineers that I know have criticized my choice. Maybe because we all know that we do what works, not what other merely people tell us.

Why did I shift from electronics engineering to law? I did not find electronics interesting any more. I wanted to study electronics engineering because I thought that this course was useful and important in the future. So I enrolled in the University of the Philippines. But I did not like mathematics and programming. So I had low grades in those subjects.

After one year in university, my family moved from the Manila to Washington because my father was assigned to be the military attache. I studied in Georgetown University under the School of Foreign Service.

I liked the course called Science, Technology & International Affairs. There were four subfields: Environment; Business, Information & Communication; Biotechnology & Global Healt; and Security. I chose Environment because it was relevant in the Philippines.

But I failed miserably in school because I put off writing papers and failed many courses. I just like learning new things. I felt like a failure and even attempted suicide by choking on rice and drinking myself to death. I learned that one bottle of rhum is not enough to kill you.

We went back home to the Philippines. I studied Consular and Diplomatic Affairs in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. I did well in school because I already know the material and people were supportive. The environment is easygoing and laidback compared to a research university. I was able to join and win essay contests during my time in college because I did not feel pressured by school.

After graduation, I worked as a writer in E. Excel, an international health company. I resigned because I took a holiday vacation in America. I worked next as a researcher in the Philippine Army. I loved the work because we were proposing projects, going on workshops, and getting free lunch. I also had mentors which corrected my work often. The environment was generally laidback and easygoing.

Then my father filed against my mother a petition for declaration of nullity of marriage based on psychological incapacity. Do you know who was psychologically incapable of marriage? It was my father, and he had the gall to file the petition. I consulted a lawyer, but my mother refused to file an answer. She was held in default. So the petition was granted. There was a decision but no decree because there was no liquidation, partition, and delivery of presumptive legitimes to us children.

This is the reason I went to law school. Even though law school is hell because you're scared to be called to recite everyday, you learn a lot. So I don't mind my low grades in law school as long as I am learning everyday.

So do I still think I should have pursued science? No, because people change. People should be free to choose what they want and live with it as they please.

Be very good

Yesterday was duty day in the office. I was on desk duty and phone duty. It means welcoming clients and applicants who walk in, directing them to interns who will interview them, and answering phone calls. Then we had case conferences before lunch and before dismissal.

My supervising lawyer in the morning told me that I was very good in handling my case because I went beyond what was needed. Even though she said that, I feel that I'm not doing enough. I should just focus on doing the best for my clients and let God do the rest. We have to learn, work, and care everyday.

My supervising lawyer in the afternoon asked us about our initiatory cases. My case involves an employee who co-signed a loan with seven other people. But the principal debtor ran away so the employer is going against the co-signers. So I told that our client went to the barangay but is awaiting the response. Our boss asked me if I can look if we could give demand letters to the other co-signees. But today, I learned that the deductions for the loan are proportional to each share of each co-signer.

In the evening, we went to 70s Bistro because the Ateneo de Davao people are going home. We talked and laughed a lot about law school and life in general. We watched The bands Bad Hair Day and Pintura play. I was half-sleeping while they played even though the muic was loud. Then we watched Gracenote play their own songs and crowd requests. I was amazed at them. We got home after 1 am. It was all good fun.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

We all make mistakes

Today I appeared before the judge. Sabaw ako kanina. First, I didin't have a written manifestation of substitution of law intern because my supervisors said that I do not need it. Second, I did not introduce my office or supervising lawyer. Third, I did not have the certified true copy of the certificate with me so I had to get it from a client. Fourth, I did not know what to say next after my manifestation so my supervising lawyer told the judge about the motion we will do.

The good news is that I was able to help my client. We went home. First, I inquired from the pension site, downloaded passport application forms, and got the receipts. Second, we went to the bank and asked the manager if the bank could pay utility bills. Third, we went to the barangay and filed a complaint about the other girlfriend who did not give the documents to our client or her children.

Then we went to the project for case decongestion. We stood up for two hours. We heard two justices speak. We ate cocktail food. We got many pictures. We ate Filipino food at the Wooden Spoon. We laughed at jokes and intrigues. We had a good time.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Be authentic

This is my comment on Penelope Trunk's blog: Being authentic is scary. I only open up when I find a friend or mentor whom I really trust. Maybe that’s why I liked my last college and my previous work, but not law school. I have never told anyone at law school why I am studying law. It’s because my parents separated after 28 years of marriage, and I want to help. If I was being authentic, I would have waived my slot or quit law school. But because I’m INFP, I’m still justifying to myself that all my suffering in law school would help me make my world a better place. PS. I’m asexual.

Be prepared

I showed my manifestation to the director in the early afternoon at the lab. She asked me many questions. I did not answer all her questions. She told me to research. My supervising lawyer also told me the same thing. I researched while listening to the other lectures. I consulted with another supervising lawyer in the lab.

When I went to the office, I consulted with another supervising lawyer. He told me I do not need a manifestation. I told the director what I planned to do in court. She said to just manifest the death. As to the other manifestation and the motion, I do not need to say those in court. There might be no opposing counsel after all. So she did not sign the manifestation.

Paano magreklamo ng isang krimen

Tinanong kanina kung may kaibahan ba ang abogadong gumagawa ng reklamo at ang piskal na umuusig ng krimen. Ang sagot ko'y oo, may kaibahan sila.

1. Kahit sino'y maaaring gumawa ng reklamo o salaysay ng isang krimen. Pupunta ang biktima sa pulis o korte. Ikukuwento ang krimen na nangyari sa kanya at kung sino ang gumawa noon. Karaniwang nagpapatulong sa isang abogado ang biktima, pero kahit sino puwede gumawa ng reklamo.

2. Ipapaalam ng pulis o korte sa akusado ang reklamo at manghihingi ng sagot. Karaniwang binibigyan ng 10 araw para sumagot ang akusado.

3. Mag-iimbestiga ang piskal o prosecutor kung may "probable cause" o kung malamang nangyari ang krimen. Ito ang "preliminary investigation" o PI. Kung malamang walang krimen, ipapaalis niya ang reklamo. Kung malamang nangyari ang krimen, irerekomenda ng piskal na ituloy ang kasong kriminal at gagawa ng information.

4. Ang hukom o huwes ang pipirma ng information. Kung may information na, pwede na arerestuhin ang akusado.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Be strong

This morning, I finished my form and called courts. I was able to watch The Good Wife. In the afternoon, I went to the office, submitted my form, and called more courts.

Then I went to the lab, listened to stories about an inmate, read a draft petition, and watched our supervisor edit our draft. I also tried to get an authorization notarized but the notary said that personal appearance is required. That's an ethical notary public.

I went home and watched television. I called a client. I was also able to carry a gallon of water. Now I'm strong.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Go to work early

I woke and ate breakfast at 9 am, ate lunch at 2 pm, and worked at 3 pm. I wasn't able to finish my form or call any one at all. I'll do it tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Work hard

Today is Labor Day. I worked by watching a video and visiting a wake. I went to Katipunan to watch moot court videos. I hope we could do better in moot court. We had pizza for lunch.

In the afternoon, I passed by Cubao to photocopy documents. Then I went to the chapel to give the documents to my client.

But they had a mass in the evening so I stayed two hours for that. I went home by train, waited for a jeep, then rode in a taxi. I watched television about innovators, aliens, and news.