Monday, April 01, 2013

Write a final exam

Today we had a final exam in special proceedings. I was able to answer every question and pass it on time without extension. I hope I do better in this exam. Here are some things I learned:

1. Write less. Our professor told us to write fewer words because fewer words lead to fewer mistakes. So I wrote two to four sentences for my answers to each essay question, except for one question worth 10 points. I also wrote smaller to fit in the little space for the table for the writs.

2. Keep time. I always wear a wrist watch when I take an exam. When I finished the objective part, I skimmed the essay part and figured out how much time to allocate per question. It helped that I wrote less so that I had time to review at the end.

3. Study completely. When I studied for the exam, I thought only the three writs on life, liberty, and security (habeas corpus, amparo, and habeas data) would be required for the table. I was surprised that the writ of kalikasan was also included. So the lesson is to master everything as well as the anticipated questions.

So my exams for credit transactions and special proceedings are finished. Next is taxation, last is corporation law. Two down, two more to go.

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