Saturday, April 13, 2013

Take a final exam

Today I took my final exam in corporation law. Though I studied the longest for this exam, I felt the least confident for it compared with my other exams.

I expected a multiple choice exam, but we got no multiple choice questions. We got twelve problems to solve in two hours. I tried to write briefly for all answers but I ended up writing unnecessary words in some of my answers.

The good news is that I got a grade of 1.5 in local government. Even if I get a grade of 3 in my other subjects, I will still get an average of 2.7. This is still within the grade point average requirement of 2.75. I just hope I can pass all my exams and get passing grades in my other subjects.

Here are the good things I've done for the exam: 1. I wore a watch and managed my time well. 2. I wrote briefly and legibly. 3. I reviewed everything.

Here are the things I should have done: 1. Do flashcards. I did flashcards for special proceedings and taxation 2 but not for corporation law.

2. Make and answer sample exams. I made and answered sample questions for the midterm exams in corporation law and special proceedings, but not for the final exam in corporation law.

3. Anticipate essay questions. Our professor said that she will give multiple choice questions so she could check the exams faster. But that didn't happen. I should anticipate that future exams and the bar exam will consist mostly of essay questions. I should prepare accordingly.

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