Friday, April 12, 2013

Start with a case

In the morning, we learned about cross examination. We watched video clips on cross examination from many films: Witness for the Prosecution, The Verdict, My Cousin Vinny, A Few Good Men, A Time to Kill, Rules of Engagement, etc. Two volunteers had to tell the story of Snow White using only leading questions. During lunch, my classmates used our cross examination skills on one another.

In the afternoon, we formed groups and elected a team leader. The previous law interns turned over their cases to us. I got twenty cases with four active cases and one possible initiatory case. The law interns mastered their cases and helped us a lot. I have a judicial dispute resolution scheduled next week and two hearings scheduled next month. So I took home two three-inch envelopes for the urgent case. The files were heavy so I rode a taxi home.

In the evening, I took a bath, put medicine on my rashes, and ate dinner. Then I studied corporation law. I also showed to my cousin her daughter's new Facebook photos. Then I received a message from a niece who was asking for money. So I called my mother and emailed my cousin. My cousin replied that he would send Php 1,000 (USD 25).

I will text my niece before I sleep. Then I will continue my review of corporation law tomorrow. Good luck and much success!

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