Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Today I was able to review half of the material: estate tax, donor's tax, value added tax, percentage tax, excise tax, and documentary stamp tax. I still have to review tax remedies, local government tax, real property tax, and tariffs and customs. I will study tonight and continue tomorrow morning.

I'm normally a hermit and keep my thoughts and things to myself. But today I was able to share more by sharing my thoughts, my thanks, and my gifts.

1. I shared my thoughts with my brother. We were trying to dispose of the junk in the garage so we could park the car inside the house. I told him that I have a hard time letting go of things because they hold meaning and they might still be useful in the future.

But I also said that I can sell or give these things away if they can be more useful to them. I can also dispose of junk if they cannot be useful to anyone at all. So we decided to sort the junk and to sell the paper for recycling this weekend.

2. I shared my thanks to my grandmother. In the evening, my father came with food from my grandmother and grandaunt in the province. I called and thanked them. My last phone call to them was a few months ago. They told me to call more often.

3. I shared my gifts to my aunt. We had so much garlic that I gave a pack of garlic to my aunt who lives next door. Tomorrow we might give away more food so that they won't spoil in our home.

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