Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Prepare for a bar exam

Today is April 2013. If I graduate on April 2014, then I will take the bar exam on October 2014. So I have 18 months to prepare for the bar exam if I start now.

There are eight bar subjects with percentages ranging from 5 to 20: Political law 15. Labor law 10. Civil law 15. Taxation 10. Commercial law 15. Criminal law 10. Remedial law 20. Legal Ethics 5. Total 100

I schedule my study time (days or hours) to correspond to the percentages in the bar exam: Political law 3. Labor law 2. Civil law 3. Taxation 2. Commercial law 3. Criminal law 2. Remedial law 4. Legal Ethics 1. Total 20

I thought of maxing out the thirty days each month but decided against it. I need breaks and lots of it. Aim low. Finish high.

For the first 12 months, I review one hour per day because I still have law school. From April 2013 to March 2014, I review for 20 hours per month or 240 hours per year. Review and master basic topics - the codal, special laws, and important doctrines.

For the last six months, I review eight hours per day and four hours per subject. Schedule it according to the bar exam schedule. Review political law, civil law, commercial law, and remedial law in the morning and afternoon. Review labor law, taxation, criminal law, and legal ethics in the afternoon.

Live like I am taking the bar exam every day. Wake up early. Eat breakfast. Prepare myself. Work for four hours. Eat lunch. Take a nap. Work for four hours. Eat dinner. Pray, write, read, and rest. Sleep for six to eight hours.

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