Friday, April 26, 2013

Pass corporation law

I passed corporation law. Yes, I got 3.0 but I still passed. Now I can do work on corporations. So I passed all my subjects this year. I should celebrate tomorrow. But I have to write pleadings and have it checked. My client still has a medical emergency so I have to remember her plight.

Next year, I will be taking four back subjects: agency and partnership (3 units), negotiable instruments (3 units), private international law (2 units), and medical jurisprudence (1 unit). That is worth a total of nine units

I hope to pass legal practicum 1 this summer so I can pass everything next school year and graduate by March next year. I can still do legal practicum 2 next summer, but that would mean less time reviewing for the bar.

Here are the electives I want to take: land titles and deeds (2 units), intellectual property law (2 units), remedial law review (4 units), civil law review (5 units), political law review (3 units), and commercial law review (5 units). The reviews are for the bar subjects with the higher percentages. I hope I can get them all.

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