Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Learn from your mistakes

I started doing work and reading cases for my legal practicum 1. Here are some things we did right:

1. I emailed the summaries of cases to my team leader by Sunday when the deadline was Monday. I also emailed the lists of pleadings and cases before 6 pm on Monday.

2. I went to court today to reset the date for a judicial dispute resolution session. I was able to confer with my client. She's such a good woman.

3. We attended the first meeting for a project and submitted our work plan for one of the cases. The leaders of this project are great at bringing DNA testing to help reform our criminal justice system.

But there were many things I forgot or did wrong those days. So I am listing them down here so I won't forget them:

1. I forgot to bring the rent for my boarding house. So I paid half of the rent on Monday, went home that night, came back on Tuesday, and paid the other half. I should have withdrawn the total amount on Sunday.

2. I did not text my cousin that we were coming home. So we waited outside the house when we came home because she went out. So I had to call her to come home. I should get my own key.

3. I submitted a draft manifestation to the director when it was not yet needed. She asked me if I made it. Of course I made it. Then she asked me if I cut and paste. I said yes. She encircled the mistakes. Then she told me to think first. I thanked her for the lesson. Always double check and proofread.

4. In the project, the leader said that we should not be shy. Raise your hand high when you say yes or volunteer.

5. I forgot to get pictures. Then I got a text to have pictures ready. So I went to the shopping center at 7 pm and searched for my picture online. But the photo printing shops were closing already. Thank goodness, I found one store that made 20 2x2 ID pictures on letter size paper.

6. I locked myself out of the room. So I had to ask my landlady to open the door. My keys were on the bed.

We learn more from our mistakes.

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