Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learn from your first duty

Today we had our Office of Legal Aid (OLA) duty day. I went to school with a stroller because I had three envelopes. I always bring the case files back to OLA so that I don't lose them. I came at 8 am and interviewed two people in the morning. Then we had our case conference at 11 am.

Our supervising lawyer told us to come early for our case conferences and to prepare our pleadings well. Then we told her about our active cases, future hearings, and required pleadings. She even asked us about modes of discovery and I had to find out a mode of discovery applicable to a case.

We had a short lunch. Then I interviewed a client who had a pending application with our office. Since it was still pending, I told her about other free legal aid she can seek. We had another case conference. Our supervising lawyer asked about our initiatory cases. He told us that it is up to us to control our time. Then we made our time record and went home.

Tonight I ate dinner, read more transcripts of a case, and made cross examination questions. There were many instances of hearsay in the judicial affidavit so I have to review if that is allowed. It was a good day today. I might keep a time record of each day for my summer term.

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