Thursday, April 04, 2013

Finish your taxes

Today I finished reviewing for tax just in time for the exam. In the morning, I reviewed local tax, real property tax, and tariffs and duties. In the afternoon, I reviewed tax remedies and all my lecture notes.

I took the exam in the afternoon. Our proctor looked like an associate of our professor. I tried answering the multiple choice questions in the questionnaire but did not write them yet in the bluebook. Then I answered the essay questions.

I remembered to write briefly and to keep time. There was a protest letter at the end, and I had a fun time writing that. Then I wrote my answers to the multiple choice questions and to the essay questions I left blank. There was time to spare at the end.

After I took the exam, I went to the dorm, ate chicken teriyaki, and took a rest. Then I bought groceries but did not find the vegetables we needed. When I went home, I saw my cousin but she was still sick. I also realized that I had rashes on my chest and feet. The exam stressed my body even though my mind just took it easy. I plan to study everyday for the corporation law exam so I will not be stressed.

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