Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Do chores

Today was a productive day for household chores. I cooked French toast for breakfast. My brother and I dropped off our uncle at our village gate. Then I paid our phone bill, withdrew cash, and bought lotto tickets. We cooked spaghetti for lunch. In the evening, I prepared my own dinner, washed the dishes, and swept the floor.

However, it was not a productive day for studying. I studied tax then took a nap that lasted for hours. Then I ate an early dinner to start studying at night. But I was unable to finish my review today. Now I am just resting. I will continue reviewing tomorrow. Here are the things I learned:

1. Set an alarm. I woke up from deep sleep because of the siren. Then I woke up from my nap just before the siren. I should also set an alarm for tasks while I'm awake.

2. Set a deadline. I should give myself a specific deadline to finish each part. I have 175 pages to review tomorrow. I can finish the first 53 pages by noon, the next 73 pages by 5 pm, and the last 49 pages by 9 pm. Then I can watch The Innovators in History Channel in peace.

3. Make an output. I still have 75 flashcards. I can write 15 flashcards for each major topic: 1) estate tax and donor's tax; 2) value added tax and percentage tax; 3) excise tax, sin tax, and documentary stamp tax; 4) tax remedies; 5) local government tax, real property tax, tariffs and customs.

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