Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day record 2

Sunday - April 28
- prepare
- breakfast
- television
- sleep
- news
- lunch
- television
- mass
- mall
- dinner
- movie
- ride
- unpack
- computer

Monday - April 29
- breakfast
- prepare
- walk
- meeting
- break
- interview
- lunch
- lecture
- petition
- computer
- office
- walk
- computer
- dinner
- computer
- television

Day record 1

Friday - April 26
- breakfast
- prepare
- lunch
- commute
- hospital
- commute
- office
- dinner
- commute
- dinner
- commute
- television

Saturday - April 27
- breakfast
- prepare
- classroom
- computer
- lunch
- pack
- commute
- condominium
- commute
- chapel
- commute
- dinner
- television

Blog a little

This is the last day of the month. Last Friday and Saturday, I helped my client cope with the death of her boyfriend. Last Sunday, I spent thetime with my family. Yesterday, I attended a meeting for a project. Today, I will just wrap things up and take things easy.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pass corporation law

I passed corporation law. Yes, I got 3.0 but I still passed. Now I can do work on corporations. So I passed all my subjects this year. I should celebrate tomorrow. But I have to write pleadings and have it checked. My client still has a medical emergency so I have to remember her plight.

Next year, I will be taking four back subjects: agency and partnership (3 units), negotiable instruments (3 units), private international law (2 units), and medical jurisprudence (1 unit). That is worth a total of nine units

I hope to pass legal practicum 1 this summer so I can pass everything next school year and graduate by March next year. I can still do legal practicum 2 next summer, but that would mean less time reviewing for the bar.

Here are the electives I want to take: land titles and deeds (2 units), intellectual property law (2 units), remedial law review (4 units), civil law review (5 units), political law review (3 units), and commercial law review (5 units). The reviews are for the bar subjects with the higher percentages. I hope I can get them all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time record

Tuesday - April 23
8:30 breakfast
9:00 prepare
9:40 walk
10:00 meeting
12:00 lunch
1:00 forms
5:30 walk
6:00 eat
6:30 computer
7:30 dinner
8:00 report
11:30 sleep

Wednesday - April 24
6:00 breakfast
6:30 prepare
7:15 call
7:30 walk
8:00 review
10:00 interview
11:00 conference
12:30 lunch
1:00 review
4:00 conference
5:30 office
6:00 walk
6:10 eat
6:20 grocery
6:30 computer
7:00 dinner
7:30 walk
8:00 internet
9:00 watch

Do your duty

Yesterday I went to a meeting in the morning for a project. We met the new law interns and another biology student. We also learned about how to deal with applications and how DNA can help those who are wrongly convicted. We ate brownies and pancit.

In the afternoon, I went to the office to do my forms. First, I emailed the forms to my supervisor, next he asked questions, then I amended the forms. Just rinse and repeat. I was able to pass the forms before 5 pm. But the approval by the director could take a month. So if you need a lawyer now, be prepared to pay for one.

In the evening, I just made my weekly status report. I had to text or call all my clients in the evening. One of them was not around when I called at night so I called her this morning.

Today was office duty day. I just did one interview in the morning. Then I later learned that I was the only one who had an interview. Then we had case conferences at 11 am and 4 pm. We learned a lot from our suervisors. I had to ask another supervisor if he was free for a hearing.

Then I ate chocolate rice, bought groceries, ate chicken, and went home. I am always tired when I go home. I'm just resting now then I will watch The Innovators at 9 pm.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pass credit

I passed credit transactions. I expected to get 3.0 but instead got 2.75. That's even better than I expected. Sorry I have low standards but I am just so happy that I passed.

Now I can do work involving loans, guaranties, suretyships, pledges, mortgages, antichresis, rehabilitation, and insolvency. Maybe I can put up my own pawn shop since I just reported about it in class.

Credit transactions is also a prerequisite to negotiable instruments. So I can take negotiable instruments next semester. Maybe I can join the block that I joined last time. They are a good bunch of people.

I don't really have a personal use for credit transactions and negotiable instruments because I don't borrow money or use checks. But they may become useful someday and I can make some money if I know and master these laws.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Time record

Sunday - April 21
9:00 breakfast
9:30 read / watch
1:00 lunch
2:00 read / watch
5:00 snack
5:30 write form
6:30 dinner
7:00 prepare
7:30 mass
8:30 grocery
9:30 drive
10:00 unpack
10:30 prepare
11:00 read / write
1:00 sleep

Monday - April 22
8:30 breakfast
9:00 write
10:00 call
10:30 prepare
11:00 write
12:00 lunch
12:30 ride
1:30 visit
6:00 commute
7:00 dinner
7:30 commute
8:00 write
11:00 watch

Visit the sick

This morning, I got a call from a client. She had a medical emergency so I thought she was the patient in the hospital. When I went to the emergency room, it was her ex who was lying on the bed. I learned then and there that I must verify the important facts first before I notify my supervisor.

During the past weekend, I have been trying to finish the forms for my two interviews but I just finished them now, on the date it was due. I just emailed them to my supervisor for correction tonight. I hope to get a reply so I can print and submit them tomorrow, even if it is already late. Better late than never.

PS. I deleted and changed some of the content because of confidentiality. I just learned that blogging about them could make me liable.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time Record

7:30 breakfast
8:00 prepare
8:45 walk
9:00 classroom
12:00 lunch
1:30 commute
2:30 client
3:00 browse
5:00 go home
5:30 movies
7:30 dinner
8:00 series
12:30 internet

Greet the boss

Today was the classroom component for our leagal practicum. It was also our director's birthday so we sang her a birthday song. She just told stories and taught us how to interview. But she did not touch on how to determine the cause of action and theory of the case. Maybe next week she will teach it. We ate lunch at the lobby afterwards.

In the afternoon, I met with an applicant and got copies of the documents they have. I hope I'm not violating ethics when I ate a meal they bought for me. I refused at first but they really wanted me to eat so I ate.

I bought lotto tickets and notebooks. I bought a hot fudge sundae so I could sit at a fast food. But I should have eaten churros because it costs less than Php 100 ($2.50). I also met my brother and his friends. One of his friends just came home from working in a cruise ship and got to see his daughter.

I was supposed to finish my forms today, but I just watched movies and crime dramas at home in the evening. I watched Ocean's Twelve, Men in Black, Sucker Punch, Chronicles of Narnia, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, CSI NY, and CSI Miami.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

To do list for tomorrow

1. Email case summaries. 8:00 - 9:00
2. Get 1x1 ID pictures. 9:00 - 10:00
3. Do form for client 1. 10:00 - 11:00
4. Do form for client 2. 11:00 - 12:00
5. Confirm hearings. 1:00 - 2:00
6. Make cross exam questions. 2:00 - 3:00
7. Draft motion for default. 3:00 - 4:00
8. Notify clients. 4:00 - 5:00
9. Review procedure. 5:00 - 6:00

Time record

7:45 Breakfast
8:15 Prepare
9:00 Walk
9:30 Office
9:50 Walk
10:00 Lab
10:30 Letters
12:00 Grades
12:30 Copy
1:00 Client
1:30 Lunch
2:30 Office
3:00 Ride
3:30 Saligan
5:00 Ride
5:30 House
5:45 Walk
6:00 Meeting
6:30 Computer
7:30 Dinner
8:00 Internet
11:15 Prepare

Go back

I went to the office today to transfer a case to the newest member of the team. However he was not yet there and our team leader was not yet ready to get it for him.

I went to the lab to work on a project. I met again the law students from Ateneo de Davao and exchanged numbers. Then they had to go out. So I drafted rejection letters in Filipino. It was like writing to someone as though I were talking to him.

I went back to school and checked my grades in special proceedings. I got 3W on my final exam. Since I got 3.0 on my midterm exam and grades of 3.0, 2.75, and 2.75 for my recitation, my average should be 3.0. I'm grateful that I passed.

Now I can pay my tuition without fear of failing my last remedial law subject. I would like to take Remedial Law Review but if the teacher is Professor Avena, I might die of a nervous breakdown.

So I walked to another college and looked for a client. We conferred and she said that she will inquire with the barangay. Then I ate lunch consisting of pasta, rice, and viand. It was supposed to be just pasta but I still felt hungry and ate more.

I went back to the office and handed over two cases to our newest member. One was for monitoring; the other was for termination. I also got two envelopes for an active case.

My co-interns and I went to Saligan. Our bosses are really good and funny people. We introduced ourselves to the current interns. There were eight of them, compared to only four of us from the start, two from Ateneo Human Rights Center, and one from Canada.

Our director gave us many good pieces of advice and anecdotes: 1. Watch A Few Good Men before your trial. Practice whatever Tom Cruise does. 2. Professors talk about their students among themselves. It's reverse Malcolm Madness. 3. Be prepared for class and for trial. Though the director was very kind, he might still fail students who don't make the grade.

I got a text that the trip to prison was cancelled because of tensions. I thought the meeting will be cancelled but it still pushed through. So the director of the lab told us about the rules and guidlines when we do visit.

1. Dress modestly, simply, and comfortably. Wear denim pants and cotton shirts. No sleeveless, no shorts, no skirts. 2. Never go to the jail cells. 3. Avoid giving money to prisoners. 4. Avoid taking records with you. Browse the records and take notes. 4. Avoid using prison rest rooms. Urinate and defecate before you enter.

I went to a computer shop and typed the rejection letters in Filipino and the information for the prison visit. They now ask for the name of the visitor, the name of the prisoner, the purpose of the visit, and the dates of visitation. I was able to do all of them in one hour.

I ate dinner and went back home. Now I am going back in my mind to tell you what happened today.

PS. I changed some proper names to common nouns so that I won't reveal private or confidential information.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time Record

6:00 breakfast
6:45 prepare
7:30 walk
8:00 interview 1
9:45 interview 2
11:00 case conference 1
12:30 lunch
1:00 interview 3
1:30 review case
4:00 case conference
5:30 prepare
6:00 walk
6:30 computer
7:00 dinner
8:00 internet
8:30 review case
9:30 make questions
11:30 internet

Learn from your first duty

Today we had our Office of Legal Aid (OLA) duty day. I went to school with a stroller because I had three envelopes. I always bring the case files back to OLA so that I don't lose them. I came at 8 am and interviewed two people in the morning. Then we had our case conference at 11 am.

Our supervising lawyer told us to come early for our case conferences and to prepare our pleadings well. Then we told her about our active cases, future hearings, and required pleadings. She even asked us about modes of discovery and I had to find out a mode of discovery applicable to a case.

We had a short lunch. Then I interviewed a client who had a pending application with our office. Since it was still pending, I told her about other free legal aid she can seek. We had another case conference. Our supervising lawyer asked about our initiatory cases. He told us that it is up to us to control our time. Then we made our time record and went home.

Tonight I ate dinner, read more transcripts of a case, and made cross examination questions. There were many instances of hearsay in the judicial affidavit so I have to review if that is allowed. It was a good day today. I might keep a time record of each day for my summer term.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Learn from your mistakes

I started doing work and reading cases for my legal practicum 1. Here are some things we did right:

1. I emailed the summaries of cases to my team leader by Sunday when the deadline was Monday. I also emailed the lists of pleadings and cases before 6 pm on Monday.

2. I went to court today to reset the date for a judicial dispute resolution session. I was able to confer with my client. She's such a good woman.

3. We attended the first meeting for a project and submitted our work plan for one of the cases. The leaders of this project are great at bringing DNA testing to help reform our criminal justice system.

But there were many things I forgot or did wrong those days. So I am listing them down here so I won't forget them:

1. I forgot to bring the rent for my boarding house. So I paid half of the rent on Monday, went home that night, came back on Tuesday, and paid the other half. I should have withdrawn the total amount on Sunday.

2. I did not text my cousin that we were coming home. So we waited outside the house when we came home because she went out. So I had to call her to come home. I should get my own key.

3. I submitted a draft manifestation to the director when it was not yet needed. She asked me if I made it. Of course I made it. Then she asked me if I cut and paste. I said yes. She encircled the mistakes. Then she told me to think first. I thanked her for the lesson. Always double check and proofread.

4. In the project, the leader said that we should not be shy. Raise your hand high when you say yes or volunteer.

5. I forgot to get pictures. Then I got a text to have pictures ready. So I went to the shopping center at 7 pm and searched for my picture online. But the photo printing shops were closing already. Thank goodness, I found one store that made 20 2x2 ID pictures on letter size paper.

6. I locked myself out of the room. So I had to ask my landlady to open the door. My keys were on the bed.

We learn more from our mistakes.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Take a final exam

Today I took my final exam in corporation law. Though I studied the longest for this exam, I felt the least confident for it compared with my other exams.

I expected a multiple choice exam, but we got no multiple choice questions. We got twelve problems to solve in two hours. I tried to write briefly for all answers but I ended up writing unnecessary words in some of my answers.

The good news is that I got a grade of 1.5 in local government. Even if I get a grade of 3 in my other subjects, I will still get an average of 2.7. This is still within the grade point average requirement of 2.75. I just hope I can pass all my exams and get passing grades in my other subjects.

Here are the good things I've done for the exam: 1. I wore a watch and managed my time well. 2. I wrote briefly and legibly. 3. I reviewed everything.

Here are the things I should have done: 1. Do flashcards. I did flashcards for special proceedings and taxation 2 but not for corporation law.

2. Make and answer sample exams. I made and answered sample questions for the midterm exams in corporation law and special proceedings, but not for the final exam in corporation law.

3. Anticipate essay questions. Our professor said that she will give multiple choice questions so she could check the exams faster. But that didn't happen. I should anticipate that future exams and the bar exam will consist mostly of essay questions. I should prepare accordingly.

Contact and celebrate

Yesterday morning I reviewed corporation law. Then I contacted clients in active cases and told them that I am now the law intern handling their case. I reviewed more corporation law in the afternoon.

Last night, we ate at PF Chang in Bonifacio High Street to celebrate my older brother's birthday. We ate dim sum, fried rice, spare ribs, moo goo gai pan, and Singaporean noodles.

We left already when we met our cousin. So we ate at Wee Nam Kee. I just ordered mango tapioca for dessert.

We walked to our car, got gas, and went to our father in the parking lot. But he didn't need rescuing when we got there. So we just went home and I reviewed more corporation law at night.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Start with a case

In the morning, we learned about cross examination. We watched video clips on cross examination from many films: Witness for the Prosecution, The Verdict, My Cousin Vinny, A Few Good Men, A Time to Kill, Rules of Engagement, etc. Two volunteers had to tell the story of Snow White using only leading questions. During lunch, my classmates used our cross examination skills on one another.

In the afternoon, we formed groups and elected a team leader. The previous law interns turned over their cases to us. I got twenty cases with four active cases and one possible initiatory case. The law interns mastered their cases and helped us a lot. I have a judicial dispute resolution scheduled next week and two hearings scheduled next month. So I took home two three-inch envelopes for the urgent case. The files were heavy so I rode a taxi home.

In the evening, I took a bath, put medicine on my rashes, and ate dinner. Then I studied corporation law. I also showed to my cousin her daughter's new Facebook photos. Then I received a message from a niece who was asking for money. So I called my mother and emailed my cousin. My cousin replied that he would send Php 1,000 (USD 25).

I will text my niece before I sleep. Then I will continue my review of corporation law tomorrow. Good luck and much success!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learn legal aid

Today was the first day for the orientation for the Office of Legal Aid (OLA). We were supposed to have the list of accepted OLA summer applicants before the orientation started. But you know what happened? The director raffled off the slots. Then we asked her that students who need to take summer OLA because of back subjects should be allowed to take it while those who can take it in the first semester can waive their slot. So the sixty applicants for OLA 1 were reduced to thirty two students.

But this work of choosing the applicants was supposed to be the director's job before we came to the orientation. She was supposed to look at the grades received and the units to be taken by each applicant and determine if summer OLA is necessary. The list of accepted applicants was supposed to be released last week. But it was not yet done, and we had to do the selection for ourselves on the orientation itself. This was annoying because it seems that the director did not do her job, and she just relied on the students to take or waive their slots. I can do a better job, and I will do so.

Fortunately, the rest of the day went smoothly. We learned judicial affidavits from one of the regular supervising attorneys. We watched the film Give Up Tomorrow, a documentary about Paco Larranaga who was convicted for the rape and murder of the Chiong sisters. Is he innocent or guilty? If he is innocent, why is he still in jail?

After the seminar, I bought food and groceries, went home, and ate a hamburger and mac and cheese. I studied corporation law, but I felt bad so I slept. When I woke up, I took a bath and applied medicine to my rashes. My body is stressing again with my rashes and fatigue. Then I surfed the internet and watched the first part of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Maybe I can sleep earlier than midnight tonight. For tomorrow, we will learn more about OLA and cross examination and receive our cases. Good night!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Eat and be happy

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. We ate French toast for breakfast. I read the newspaper in the morning. We ate soup and vegetables for lunch. We heard mass. We ate at Rack's so we had lots of ribs, roast, sidings, and pie. Then I watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It was a fun day for me and for all of us. I don't feel like 30.

Today was another rest day. We ate fried rice, pork ribs, and mango shake for breakfast. I ate roast chicken and rice for lunch. I studied securities in the afternoon. We stood in line at IHOP but ate at Nabantei of Tokyo so we ate sushi, miso, tempura, and yakitori. I am watching Dracula and Spiderman at the same time. It is a happy day for me. I don't feel like that I have an exam by Saturday.

Saturday, April 06, 2013


Today and yesterday, I just slept, ate, surfed the internet, and watched television. I have not yet studied corporation law. I plan to study the subject for eight hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and for two hours on Wednesday and Thursday. Since tomorrow is my birthday, I might study in the morning then hear mass in the afternoon and eat out in the evening.

I have been resting these past few days because I still have cough and rashes. So my body is still stressed even if I am just resting. But I enjoyed my rest a lot. I was able to watch Lord of the Rings, Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America, Harry Potter, and X Men. I also watched Futurama spoof The Lord of the Rings and Family Guy spoof The Verdict. I missed watching television after staying in a dorm during weekdays.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Finish your taxes

Today I finished reviewing for tax just in time for the exam. In the morning, I reviewed local tax, real property tax, and tariffs and duties. In the afternoon, I reviewed tax remedies and all my lecture notes.

I took the exam in the afternoon. Our proctor looked like an associate of our professor. I tried answering the multiple choice questions in the questionnaire but did not write them yet in the bluebook. Then I answered the essay questions.

I remembered to write briefly and to keep time. There was a protest letter at the end, and I had a fun time writing that. Then I wrote my answers to the multiple choice questions and to the essay questions I left blank. There was time to spare at the end.

After I took the exam, I went to the dorm, ate chicken teriyaki, and took a rest. Then I bought groceries but did not find the vegetables we needed. When I went home, I saw my cousin but she was still sick. I also realized that I had rashes on my chest and feet. The exam stressed my body even though my mind just took it easy. I plan to study everyday for the corporation law exam so I will not be stressed.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Today I was able to review half of the material: estate tax, donor's tax, value added tax, percentage tax, excise tax, and documentary stamp tax. I still have to review tax remedies, local government tax, real property tax, and tariffs and customs. I will study tonight and continue tomorrow morning.

I'm normally a hermit and keep my thoughts and things to myself. But today I was able to share more by sharing my thoughts, my thanks, and my gifts.

1. I shared my thoughts with my brother. We were trying to dispose of the junk in the garage so we could park the car inside the house. I told him that I have a hard time letting go of things because they hold meaning and they might still be useful in the future.

But I also said that I can sell or give these things away if they can be more useful to them. I can also dispose of junk if they cannot be useful to anyone at all. So we decided to sort the junk and to sell the paper for recycling this weekend.

2. I shared my thanks to my grandmother. In the evening, my father came with food from my grandmother and grandaunt in the province. I called and thanked them. My last phone call to them was a few months ago. They told me to call more often.

3. I shared my gifts to my aunt. We had so much garlic that I gave a pack of garlic to my aunt who lives next door. Tomorrow we might give away more food so that they won't spoil in our home.

Do chores

Today was a productive day for household chores. I cooked French toast for breakfast. My brother and I dropped off our uncle at our village gate. Then I paid our phone bill, withdrew cash, and bought lotto tickets. We cooked spaghetti for lunch. In the evening, I prepared my own dinner, washed the dishes, and swept the floor.

However, it was not a productive day for studying. I studied tax then took a nap that lasted for hours. Then I ate an early dinner to start studying at night. But I was unable to finish my review today. Now I am just resting. I will continue reviewing tomorrow. Here are the things I learned:

1. Set an alarm. I woke up from deep sleep because of the siren. Then I woke up from my nap just before the siren. I should also set an alarm for tasks while I'm awake.

2. Set a deadline. I should give myself a specific deadline to finish each part. I have 175 pages to review tomorrow. I can finish the first 53 pages by noon, the next 73 pages by 5 pm, and the last 49 pages by 9 pm. Then I can watch The Innovators in History Channel in peace.

3. Make an output. I still have 75 flashcards. I can write 15 flashcards for each major topic: 1) estate tax and donor's tax; 2) value added tax and percentage tax; 3) excise tax, sin tax, and documentary stamp tax; 4) tax remedies; 5) local government tax, real property tax, tariffs and customs.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Prepare for a bar exam

Today is April 2013. If I graduate on April 2014, then I will take the bar exam on October 2014. So I have 18 months to prepare for the bar exam if I start now.

There are eight bar subjects with percentages ranging from 5 to 20: Political law 15. Labor law 10. Civil law 15. Taxation 10. Commercial law 15. Criminal law 10. Remedial law 20. Legal Ethics 5. Total 100

I schedule my study time (days or hours) to correspond to the percentages in the bar exam: Political law 3. Labor law 2. Civil law 3. Taxation 2. Commercial law 3. Criminal law 2. Remedial law 4. Legal Ethics 1. Total 20

I thought of maxing out the thirty days each month but decided against it. I need breaks and lots of it. Aim low. Finish high.

For the first 12 months, I review one hour per day because I still have law school. From April 2013 to March 2014, I review for 20 hours per month or 240 hours per year. Review and master basic topics - the codal, special laws, and important doctrines.

For the last six months, I review eight hours per day and four hours per subject. Schedule it according to the bar exam schedule. Review political law, civil law, commercial law, and remedial law in the morning and afternoon. Review labor law, taxation, criminal law, and legal ethics in the afternoon.

Live like I am taking the bar exam every day. Wake up early. Eat breakfast. Prepare myself. Work for four hours. Eat lunch. Take a nap. Work for four hours. Eat dinner. Pray, write, read, and rest. Sleep for six to eight hours.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Write a final exam

Today we had a final exam in special proceedings. I was able to answer every question and pass it on time without extension. I hope I do better in this exam. Here are some things I learned:

1. Write less. Our professor told us to write fewer words because fewer words lead to fewer mistakes. So I wrote two to four sentences for my answers to each essay question, except for one question worth 10 points. I also wrote smaller to fit in the little space for the table for the writs.

2. Keep time. I always wear a wrist watch when I take an exam. When I finished the objective part, I skimmed the essay part and figured out how much time to allocate per question. It helped that I wrote less so that I had time to review at the end.

3. Study completely. When I studied for the exam, I thought only the three writs on life, liberty, and security (habeas corpus, amparo, and habeas data) would be required for the table. I was surprised that the writ of kalikasan was also included. So the lesson is to master everything as well as the anticipated questions.

So my exams for credit transactions and special proceedings are finished. Next is taxation, last is corporation law. Two down, two more to go.