Monday, March 04, 2013

Productive Monday

I had a productive day today even though I was not able to do everything I planned. I wasn't called in corporation law so I made a schedule for today and tomorrow. I was able to make a list of local government news items by noon. Then I heard mass because I passed by the chapel. I ate lunch and took a nap.

When I woke up, I tried to make my report on my iPad but the CloudOn app was slow. So I went to a computer lab after 3 pm to create my credit presentation. I took so much time that I only got out before 8 pm. But I was only charged Php 13. I ate supper outside the dorm.

I got a message from a niece who was asking for money for allowance. So I talked to my cousin at home and told her about the message. We wondered why they had to ask for more money when we just sent money from Canada last month. Thank goodness that I am not in that position and am still able to help. My cousin said that I can tell my niece to ask her father (my cousin) for money first, then her grandmother (my aunt) and her uncle (another cousin). I think they just ask first because calling their relatives in Canada will take more effort while I'm just a text away.

After the money episode, I listened to Jomar Hilario's webinar. I learned some lessons on how to be a virtual assistant, like using Google Authorship and SEO images. I am now writing this blog post then I will listen to the online lecture on Learning Creative Learning. Tomorrow I will focus on local government in the morning and special proceedings in the afternoon. We can do this.

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