Friday, March 15, 2013

More support for moot court

Yesterday, I read all the Campos annotations and all cases and opinions in the original. Why? Because I had no more digests. Necessity is really the mother of industry. This morning, I took notes before and during class. I recited a case on liquidation. Thank goodness, I was not called on Majority stockholders of Ruby Industrial Corporation v. Lim, which was a long case but it was successfully recited by our classmate. Then we had a break.

During the break, our classmate who represents our university in the Jessup international moot court competition asked our professor if we could move our corporation law final exam to another day. Our final exam in corporation law was supposed to be on April 12. She was going to leave the Philippines on March 29, compete in Jessup the following week, and return home on April 11 at 11 pm.

Our tax exam will be on April 4. Our classmate will still be abroad at that time. She asked if she can take the exam under the supervision of the professor accompanying the moot court team. Our tax professor refused and insisted that she must take her final exam at his office in Makati on April 12 at 9 am. I really felt sorry for her because she was doing such a great job representing our school, but our own school is giving her a hard time in her final exams.

The good news is that our professor in corporation law allowed us to take the final exam on April 13. Good job to our classmate who was able to persuade her! However, it's still sad that they are penalized for representing our school. I understand that it is a professor's prerogative to set standards and make the final exam for our class. But I'm sure we can do something. Calling on the Office of the College Secretary (OCS) and the Law Student Government (LSG) for help.

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