Saturday, March 09, 2013

Make a good presentation

Today I reported on the Pawnshop Regulation Act. After the report, the professor gave comments on how to improve our presentation.

First, consider the background. I used a white background with black text. In general, he said that it is better to use a dark background and light text. Second, introduce yourself to the audience.

Third, know the purpose behind the policies and rules. For example, the law has a citizenship requirement. This was made not to prevent capital from leaving the country but to protect the business of pawnshop owners from foreigners who have more capital.

Fourth, do not put the provisions of the law in the presentation. That would be a sure way to make the audience fall asleep. Instead, write bullet points or show a picture about the provision while you read the text itself.

Fifth, learn about technology while you are still in school. In practice, we would have less free time to learn new applications so we have to learn them now. At a minimum, know how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn the keyboard shortcuts and become an expert.

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