Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Know the law

My classmate wants to have a government website where all laws and rules in the Philippines would be located and updated. I like that idea. In fact, I also want a website where a person can access the contact information of every government agency and every local government unit, from the barangay up to the region. Maybe the Official Gazette can serve as this government resource.

Many government agencies do not display all their rules online, especially the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which collects taxes. As a result, people do not know their taxes and do not pay them. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. That's why publication is a requirement. Maybe publication should now include online publication as well.

We could also start by teaching basic laws and civic duties in elementary and high school. Why? Only a minority of people enter college. Many people learn law and politics from the news in television, radio, and internet. Now that we have the internet, we can get and give information fast and free. So we teach people about the law early and post all laws online.

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