Friday, March 01, 2013

Editing my blog

Yesterday, I recited in tax class. The professor had a new game. Half of the class will stand. Then he will ask us questions one by one. If we answer correctly, we can sit down. I was able to sit after I recited a case. Then I went to the talk of Justice Leonen. He told us to do the hard work of reading cases in the original and living a full life. Then I voted. Most of the candidates in the law student government (LSG) won, but the ones that I voted for in the university student council (USC) lost. Then I went home and studied corporation law.

Today, I recited in corporation law class. Three of my classmates helped me. I hope I pass this. At least I'm done for that round. Then I studied for credit transactions. Then I went to the computer shop and ate sizzling tuna. When my roommate came home, she had KFC chicken so I broke my abstinence for today. My eyes and nose are tired so I must take my medicine. I must eat three meals per day or I'll get a headache. The weekend is not yet here because I still have class tomorrow.

I'll also be editing my blog so that private information remain secret and only the helpful posts remain. I just realized that nothing is really private on the web even if you use a pseudonym and never promote your blog. Hoping that I have more blog posts this month.

PS. I edited this blog to include the part about yesterday.

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