Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We learn new things every day

Yesterday, we went to Montalban to visit the community for our seminar on anti-violence against women and their children. Doc Aga showed us the community center first. It was a new building supported by NGOs all over the world. Fifty people could fit inside the room. The people we met were organized and active in their community.

We went around the community with Doc Aga and Ate Em and saw the creek and river that flooded during Ondoy and Habagat. During Ondoy, the people had a crisis. But they learned and were more prepared for the next storms. They were able to stop the bridge construction over an unsafe part of the river. But there were still trash in the river and the creek. I think the community could still improve their solid waste management to reduce and avoid disasters. But I learned a lot from the people and their community spirit.

At 8 pm, I watched the webinar of Jomar Hilario and Apple Feliciano. Jomar is helping Apple improve as a virtual assistant. So we visited her blog and Odesk profile, saw her resume, and asked them questions. Jomar found many things she could improve. She should be more confident and set a good rate. She should highlight her skills and follow Jomar's format for the profile and resume. She should make sure that clients are verified payers. She should show her personality on her blog. It was an amazing lesson, and Apple took it all well. I'm sure she will do better.

After the webinar, I read the article for the first week of Learning Creative Learning. The paper tells about how kindergartens help children and adults become creative. First, we imagine. Next, we create and play. Then, we share and reflect. Afterwards, the cycle renews with imagining again and we repeat the process. At 11 pm, I watched the lecture. The professor gave a recap of the reading, told stories, and introduced the course and facilitators. It was an amazing lesson to finish an amazing day.

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