Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day in law school

I was at the library this morning because I was assigned to digest a case: Collector v. Bautista, May 27, 1959. But it was not available online. It was not in,,, or So I searched Lex Libris and Philippine Reports, but it was still not there. I asked the librarian at the reserve section if they have a copy of the case. She gave me a hardbound typewritten book and I photocopied the case. So I was able to finish the digest in the morning and give copies to my classmates.

I was called at taxation class today. I answered the first question on why letters of authority are printed on security paper. Answer is to prevent forgery. But I couldn't answer the next question on why is there forgery. So the professor called another classmate. The professor later said that simple letters could be used by any tax examiner to gain access to books and accounts. Then they could extort even if they were not the original authorized examiners. That was scary. There is so much extortion in tax.

In local government class, we sang love songs to our professor and gave her a bouquet of red roses. Then she told us about the sexual harassment case she was working on and how she appeared in court without taking her second cup of coffee. She told us that as her students, we should never be afraid. In Tagalog, "Huwag maging duwag."

I called my mother and sent messages to my brother, aunt, and cousins. I do not feel erotic love, but I should not be an angel of death to other people. They greeted me back and wished me well too.

Now, I'm still reading and writing in blogs and even though I'm supposed to study for corporation law. For Lent, I'll not beat myself up if I don't do my resolutions. I'll do them when I can and do them with love.

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