Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is my stream of thought

I am doing stream of consciousness because its sounds like fun, omitting apostrophes because theyre too hard to type on an ipad. Its cold with the electric fan here. Still feel bad about my midterms, got passing grade for objective part in spec pro, then 75 in corpo, too bad it was the raw score, percentage was 68, thank god not in smoke up list, will limit myself to commas so no fancy punctuation. Im so nearsighted I have to grab my ipad closer to see the text clearly. Everything is a big muddle otherwise. Im still procrastinating. I just made the tax digest but I havent done or read the tax digests of others or the anti vawc translation I have to complete. Hard to type and sit on the bed, with the wind flying over my bangs. Thank God no credit and corpo, but we still have the barangay seminar. I can give James Joyce a run for his money. Not. I should stop scheduling or listing things Id rather not do. Its the INFP inside of me. I get no town, but I can only get, then pissing the night away. Now checking my spelling. My eyes are itchy, Im gonna get wrinkles from scratching my eyes everyday. This is long enough. This is fun. I like my blog because I dont really talk in person. Im not loud or expressive or articulate. Its only here. Where I live in semi anonymity. I get no town. Must find the lyrics. Zubuchon sounds fun but too expensive. Maybe any Cebu lechon will do. China says CNT is cool. maybe the VA thing could be a good fallback to law school. If i work part time at $10 per hour, I could get 4 x 10 x 20 x 50 equals wait that should be 40 so 800 x 40 equals 32,000 cool. maybe i could do this while studying for the bar. Ok Im checking to separate these words into paragraphs. On second thought, maybe not. It defeats the purpose of a stream or river, ok checking the spelling again. Fine. I guess I have tostop here. Maybe I can do this more often with better paragraphs and punctuation. Wind on my face. Soft bed to lie down. Skeepy head on the ipad. Good bye!

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