Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to complete your work

Yesterday, a student came in our class to campaign. She said that one of her programs is to have a collection of syllabi and digests for the whole law school community. After the student went out, our professor said that we should do our own notes and do not rely on the notes and digests of others. Why? It would help develop our work ethic and teach us how to think critically. I am guilty of not doing this because I only do the least amount of effort in law school. It's still a wonder to me on how I pass my classes.

Last night, our group had an online meeting about our presentation for the seminar on violence against women and their children. I translated the provisions assigned to me. Then I shortened them to fit briefly into the slide presentation. When we met online, my groupmates said that the translations are too short and not complete. But they liked the chart that I made about the rights of women and the duties of agencies. Overall, it was a job well done.

While we had the online meeting, I was also listening to a webinar about a virtual assistant. She earns at least $1,000 per month from part time work. That is a lot of money here in our country, considering that it is part time work. Jomar Hilario said that VA work can range from P10,000 for someone with no experience to P50,000 to P80,000 for VAs with more experience. However, I was unable to listen to the entire conversation because the sound was choppy. Jomar said it was because of my slow internet connection.

I wrote a blog post for today but did not save it. So I am doing this blog post after commuting to school, attending a lecture on local government, studying for procedure, and listening to a webinar and an online lecture. My stomach hurts, but I'm not yet tired. I should be sleepy by now, but I'm not because I'm an insomniac.

So here are the three lessons from yesterday and one for today: One, read cases in the original and make your own notes. Two, translate provisions completely. Three, use a high speed internet connection. Four, save your drafts.

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