Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help your plans

Penelope Trunk has a blog post on five ways to tell if your kid goes to college. I comment on her blog when the post resonates with me and I like to see more comments. So I made the following comment:

Hi! I agree that you need college for STEM plus other technical subjects like law and accounting. Fortunately for us, we have vocational schools that teach high-demand skills. We also don't have much student debt here. If you can't afford college, work first. If you can manage it, be a working student.

Though education is a priority in my country, I really want to see more of the MOOCs and internet videos being used here for education. Why? Because we are a people who do not like to read. Sure, we have high literacy rates, but people just don't like reading books. They like to watch TV, listen to the radio, and use Facebook. Just not read a lot. So I welcome this innovation and hope I can help.

When I came back from dinner, I saw Penelope's reply:

I love your last line – "I hope I can help." This is such a great attitude about reform, and it's such a brave thing to say. I think most of us talk about intellectual ideas about how things should be but we don't hold ourselves accountable for helping change happen.


Wow! I never thought saying "I hope I can help" can be a great attitude. But it's a start. In previous posts, Penelope says that it's not enough to dream. We must have a plan. What's my plan?

1. Study online education from preschool to college. I'm partly doing this by participating in Learning Creative Learning and Khan Academy. I must try Coursera and other online education websites.
2. Review classroom education here.
3. Blog about what I have learned.

Besides online education, what else do I want to see in the Philippines?
1. Contact information of all government agencies and local government units are available online.
2. Applying and processing of government forms, licenses, and identification is done online or at the barangay, municipal, or city level and finished within an hour or less.
3. Translate the laws, rules, and regulations into the various languages of the Philippines.
4. Achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Achieve universal primary education. Improve infant survival and maternal health. Combat contagious diseases. Develop gender equality, environmental sustainability, and global partnership.
5. Create a real-time online map of land registration and land use in the Philippines. Pass a law regualating land use.
6. Improve utilities. Lower water, electricity, internet, and telephone rates. Reduce monopolies and insider fraud. Pass a law against insider trading.
7. Develop the technological hubs in UP Diliman or Fort Bonifacio. Invest in young inventors and online businesses. Put up an online business.

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