Thursday, February 28, 2013

Have fun in class

The secret on how to have fun in class is to have good classmates and happy professors. In local government class, our professor told us to watch Lincoln because we seldom watch movies except for my seatmate. She said watching Lincoln is more important. So I asked my brother to download the movie.

In special proceedings class, our professor was happy about the results of our midterm exam. She lectured most of the time and asked for only one volunteer to recite. Later this evening, we had dinner with our tax professor at Dencio's Eastwood. He brought two bottles of wine and paid a third of the bill.

Tonight I finished reading tax provisions. Later I will read the case digests. After tax, I will go to the talk with Justice Leonen and study corporation law. On Friday, I will study credit transactions and corporation law because we have two classes on Saturday. It's like a never ending study but we can do it.

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