Saturday, February 02, 2013

Feedback to Smart

My  mother switched to a Smart number after her Globe sim failed. Tonight she told me that her load of P221 was lost last January 31. This has never happened with Globe. So I tried calling Smart customer help but that failed. So I sent a help ticket on their website.

Here's my feedback:

Hi! This inquiry is for my mother. On January 22, she loaded P300 to her Smart prepaid cell phone,XXXXXXXXXX. On January 30, she checked her balance and it was P221. On January 31, she checked her balance but  she had no balance any more. Her entire balance just disappeared. When I called 02-888-1111 from a PLDT landline, I am refused access because the number has insufficient balance to access outgoing calls. But I was calling from a PLDT landline. What's more ironic is that Smart caused this insufficient balance in the first place. This has never happened with Globe. I hope you could credit to my mother's prepaid account the P221 she lost to Smart. Thank you and good day!

I also tweeted to both Smart and Globe for good measure

My mom's Smart prepaid lost P221 last Jan 31. Been calling 8881111 from PLDT landline but still refused access. Help please!

Hi! Is sim type 209 available in Globe stores? My mom han't replaced her sim since Dec 2012. She still has P300 load. Thanks!

What is happening to the telecommunications networks in this country? It's time to level up. Maybe I have found my calling: consumer advocacy.

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