Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help your plans

Penelope Trunk has a blog post on five ways to tell if your kid goes to college. I comment on her blog when the post resonates with me and I like to see more comments. So I made the following comment:

Hi! I agree that you need college for STEM plus other technical subjects like law and accounting. Fortunately for us, we have vocational schools that teach high-demand skills. We also don't have much student debt here. If you can't afford college, work first. If you can manage it, be a working student.

Though education is a priority in my country, I really want to see more of the MOOCs and internet videos being used here for education. Why? Because we are a people who do not like to read. Sure, we have high literacy rates, but people just don't like reading books. They like to watch TV, listen to the radio, and use Facebook. Just not read a lot. So I welcome this innovation and hope I can help.

When I came back from dinner, I saw Penelope's reply:

I love your last line – "I hope I can help." This is such a great attitude about reform, and it's such a brave thing to say. I think most of us talk about intellectual ideas about how things should be but we don't hold ourselves accountable for helping change happen.


Wow! I never thought saying "I hope I can help" can be a great attitude. But it's a start. In previous posts, Penelope says that it's not enough to dream. We must have a plan. What's my plan?

1. Study online education from preschool to college. I'm partly doing this by participating in Learning Creative Learning and Khan Academy. I must try Coursera and other online education websites.
2. Review classroom education here.
3. Blog about what I have learned.

Besides online education, what else do I want to see in the Philippines?
1. Contact information of all government agencies and local government units are available online.
2. Applying and processing of government forms, licenses, and identification is done online or at the barangay, municipal, or city level and finished within an hour or less.
3. Translate the laws, rules, and regulations into the various languages of the Philippines.
4. Achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Achieve universal primary education. Improve infant survival and maternal health. Combat contagious diseases. Develop gender equality, environmental sustainability, and global partnership.
5. Create a real-time online map of land registration and land use in the Philippines. Pass a law regualating land use.
6. Improve utilities. Lower water, electricity, internet, and telephone rates. Reduce monopolies and insider fraud. Pass a law against insider trading.
7. Develop the technological hubs in UP Diliman or Fort Bonifacio. Invest in young inventors and online businesses. Put up an online business.

Have fun in class

The secret on how to have fun in class is to have good classmates and happy professors. In local government class, our professor told us to watch Lincoln because we seldom watch movies except for my seatmate. She said watching Lincoln is more important. So I asked my brother to download the movie.

In special proceedings class, our professor was happy about the results of our midterm exam. She lectured most of the time and asked for only one volunteer to recite. Later this evening, we had dinner with our tax professor at Dencio's Eastwood. He brought two bottles of wine and paid a third of the bill.

Tonight I finished reading tax provisions. Later I will read the case digests. After tax, I will go to the talk with Justice Leonen and study corporation law. On Friday, I will study credit transactions and corporation law because we have two classes on Saturday. It's like a never ending study but we can do it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aim to do less

This will be a short post after a long weekend. Our group had a successful seminar last Saturday afternoon. Then our family had a good time on that Saturday night at Bonifacio High Street and Mercato. On Sunday, we heard mass and went to the dorm to get my clothes. I only did my notes for special proceedings. On Monday, I just did two parts for the corporation law reviewer. Today I only read digests for local government and attended the law student convocation before class. After class, I just wrote digests for special proceedings and searched for local government news.

I used to aim a lot but always ended up doing less and finishing them late at night. So I will reduce my frustration and just aim to do fewer tasks with less effort. Make life simple. Be happy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Missing in action

Today is a rainy day. I forgot that our group had a dry run rehearsal in the morning for the seminar tomorrow. I thought it would be in the afternoon. When I went to the room, the dry run was finished but they were still talking about the plans.

After the meeting, A and I went down to meet our professor in special proceedings. Our professor was also late. She gave our bluebooks and showed our recitation grades. I'm grateful that I passed both the midterm exam and the three recitations. When the professor saw my grades, she said that I should do better. The final exam has greater weight than the midterm exam or the recitation grade, so I should have a higher grade in the final exam to be sure that I would pass.

How to get help in an emergency

It has been raining since last night here in Quezon City. It was the same in Taguig City. I hope everyone is safe. If you need to get help, here are emergency hotlines:

National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) hotlines
(02) 911-1406, (02) 912-2665, (02) 912-5668, (02) 911-1873

Philippine National Police (PNP) Hotline Patrol
117 or send TXT PNP to 2920

Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR)
(02) 729-5166, (02) 410-6319

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) hotline
7890 or (02) 726-6255

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
136, 882-0925
Trunkline: (02) 882-4150-77 loc. 337 (rescue)

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
(02) 304-3713, (02) 304-3904

Red Cross hotline
143, (02) 527-0000, (02) 527-8385 to 95

North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) hotlines
(02) 3-5000 and (02) 580-8910

Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) hotlines
(0920) 96-SCTEX (72839) or (02) 459-0522

Skyway System Hotline
(02) 776-7777, 0915-6256231, 0939-5006910

South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) hotline
0917-6877539, (049) 508-7509, (02) 584-4389

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) hotline
(02) 433-8526

Philippine Coast Guard
(02) 527-3877, (02) 527-8481, 0917-724-3682, 0917-PCG-DOTC, (02) 912-3046, (02) 911-1873

Manila Water Hotline

(02) 426-1468 to 79, local 124/125;
Text/call: 0905-3134077
Text only: 0918-9428354


(632)931-81-01 to 07

Local government units (partial)

Manila Traffic Hotline – 527-3087
Cainta Traffic Hotline – 646-0044, 655-7368 loc. 164
Las PiƱas Traffic – 874-5756, 874-3957, 874-3927
Mandaluyong Hotline – 534-2993
Taguig Traffic – 838-4301 loc. 7112
Marikina STOC – 646-1651
Pasig Traffic – 643-0000, 724-5813
Makati Public Safety Dept – 844-3146, 819-3270

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to celebrate miracles

Today, I experienced many miracles. First, I was not late to our meeting this morning. I hailed a taxi outside the post office and there was no traffic at all. Then, I was able to meet D at the canteen. She was eating her breakfast, while I was going to eat lunch. A has not yet arrived. Then I asked D how she studies. She said that she reads the provisions and cases, and then takes notes. She also reads and reviews them so she would remember better. She also prepares her own notes before exams. D was very encouraging to me.

Then, we went up to her dorm and waited for A to come. She came with a big book. We had to translate many difficult English words to Tagalog. It was both funny and hard to translate words. Maybe our lawmakers should also draft the laws in our native languages, like Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Ilonggo, Cebuano, and Waray. Finally, we were able to finish the content by noon. That's the next miracle.

We had taxation class, and I was called. I was not able to answer the question well, but the professor let us sit. After class, I ate carbonara, pizza, and ice cream on the way home. Maybe I was hungry from all my advntures. When I got home, I had my third miracle. I found my eyeglasses inside the box under the bed. So I'm celebrating by writing this blog post and saying Thank you, Lord!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is my stream of thought

I am doing stream of consciousness because its sounds like fun, omitting apostrophes because theyre too hard to type on an ipad. Its cold with the electric fan here. Still feel bad about my midterms, got passing grade for objective part in spec pro, then 75 in corpo, too bad it was the raw score, percentage was 68, thank god not in smoke up list, will limit myself to commas so no fancy punctuation. Im so nearsighted I have to grab my ipad closer to see the text clearly. Everything is a big muddle otherwise. Im still procrastinating. I just made the tax digest but I havent done or read the tax digests of others or the anti vawc translation I have to complete. Hard to type and sit on the bed, with the wind flying over my bangs. Thank God no credit and corpo, but we still have the barangay seminar. I can give James Joyce a run for his money. Not. I should stop scheduling or listing things Id rather not do. Its the INFP inside of me. I get no town, but I can only get, then pissing the night away. Now checking my spelling. My eyes are itchy, Im gonna get wrinkles from scratching my eyes everyday. This is long enough. This is fun. I like my blog because I dont really talk in person. Im not loud or expressive or articulate. Its only here. Where I live in semi anonymity. I get no town. Must find the lyrics. Zubuchon sounds fun but too expensive. Maybe any Cebu lechon will do. China says CNT is cool. maybe the VA thing could be a good fallback to law school. If i work part time at $10 per hour, I could get 4 x 10 x 20 x 50 equals wait that should be 40 so 800 x 40 equals 32,000 cool. maybe i could do this while studying for the bar. Ok Im checking to separate these words into paragraphs. On second thought, maybe not. It defeats the purpose of a stream or river, ok checking the spelling again. Fine. I guess I have tostop here. Maybe I can do this more often with better paragraphs and punctuation. Wind on my face. Soft bed to lie down. Skeepy head on the ipad. Good bye!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to complete your work

Yesterday, a student came in our class to campaign. She said that one of her programs is to have a collection of syllabi and digests for the whole law school community. After the student went out, our professor said that we should do our own notes and do not rely on the notes and digests of others. Why? It would help develop our work ethic and teach us how to think critically. I am guilty of not doing this because I only do the least amount of effort in law school. It's still a wonder to me on how I pass my classes.

Last night, our group had an online meeting about our presentation for the seminar on violence against women and their children. I translated the provisions assigned to me. Then I shortened them to fit briefly into the slide presentation. When we met online, my groupmates said that the translations are too short and not complete. But they liked the chart that I made about the rights of women and the duties of agencies. Overall, it was a job well done.

While we had the online meeting, I was also listening to a webinar about a virtual assistant. She earns at least $1,000 per month from part time work. That is a lot of money here in our country, considering that it is part time work. Jomar Hilario said that VA work can range from P10,000 for someone with no experience to P50,000 to P80,000 for VAs with more experience. However, I was unable to listen to the entire conversation because the sound was choppy. Jomar said it was because of my slow internet connection.

I wrote a blog post for today but did not save it. So I am doing this blog post after commuting to school, attending a lecture on local government, studying for procedure, and listening to a webinar and an online lecture. My stomach hurts, but I'm not yet tired. I should be sleepy by now, but I'm not because I'm an insomniac.

So here are the three lessons from yesterday and one for today: One, read cases in the original and make your own notes. Two, translate provisions completely. Three, use a high speed internet connection. Four, save your drafts.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to say good bye

Mother has left for a better place. No, she did not pass away. She just flew to America, where my brother works. Yesterday, she gave instructions to us. Today, we drove her to the airport and said our farewells. Mother may already be a senior citizen, but she is still strong and healthy. She seems happy to visit our brother. Bon voyage and goodbye!

Then brother, his girlfriend, and I went to my school in themorning because I still have class. I did not recite, which was a good thing because the cases were hard. Professor gave us many advice about law practice, such as how to speak to clients and have self respect. Then we went home.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day in law school

I was at the library this morning because I was assigned to digest a case: Collector v. Bautista, May 27, 1959. But it was not available online. It was not in,,, or So I searched Lex Libris and Philippine Reports, but it was still not there. I asked the librarian at the reserve section if they have a copy of the case. She gave me a hardbound typewritten book and I photocopied the case. So I was able to finish the digest in the morning and give copies to my classmates.

I was called at taxation class today. I answered the first question on why letters of authority are printed on security paper. Answer is to prevent forgery. But I couldn't answer the next question on why is there forgery. So the professor called another classmate. The professor later said that simple letters could be used by any tax examiner to gain access to books and accounts. Then they could extort even if they were not the original authorized examiners. That was scary. There is so much extortion in tax.

In local government class, we sang love songs to our professor and gave her a bouquet of red roses. Then she told us about the sexual harassment case she was working on and how she appeared in court without taking her second cup of coffee. She told us that as her students, we should never be afraid. In Tagalog, "Huwag maging duwag."

I called my mother and sent messages to my brother, aunt, and cousins. I do not feel erotic love, but I should not be an angel of death to other people. They greeted me back and wished me well too.

Now, I'm still reading and writing in blogs and even though I'm supposed to study for corporation law. For Lent, I'll not beat myself up if I don't do my resolutions. I'll do them when I can and do them with love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to prepare during Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. This is a time for penance and sacrifice for us Catholics. How do we make ourselves ready for Holy Week and Easter? The Bible tells us to pray, fast, and give alms.

Here is my daily guide for Lent for prayer: First, read the Bible every morning and pray the rosary every night. Second, hear mass whenever I have free time.

For fasting and temperance, this is my daily guide: First, fast and abstain on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, abstain on other Fridays, and eat fruits and vegetables whenever I can. Second, wake up by 7 am and sleep by midnight. Third, abstain from masturbation, porn, and erotica.

For alms giving, this is my daily guide: First, increase my Sunday contributions to P100 and daily contributions to P20 to P50. Second, give alms or food to street people. Third, be more generous with my interactions with other people.

I pray we could become better persons and have a real change of heart during this Lenten season. If you are a practicing Catholic, how do you prepare yourself during Lent?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We learn new things every day

Yesterday, we went to Montalban to visit the community for our seminar on anti-violence against women and their children. Doc Aga showed us the community center first. It was a new building supported by NGOs all over the world. Fifty people could fit inside the room. The people we met were organized and active in their community.

We went around the community with Doc Aga and Ate Em and saw the creek and river that flooded during Ondoy and Habagat. During Ondoy, the people had a crisis. But they learned and were more prepared for the next storms. They were able to stop the bridge construction over an unsafe part of the river. But there were still trash in the river and the creek. I think the community could still improve their solid waste management to reduce and avoid disasters. But I learned a lot from the people and their community spirit.

At 8 pm, I watched the webinar of Jomar Hilario and Apple Feliciano. Jomar is helping Apple improve as a virtual assistant. So we visited her blog and Odesk profile, saw her resume, and asked them questions. Jomar found many things she could improve. She should be more confident and set a good rate. She should highlight her skills and follow Jomar's format for the profile and resume. She should make sure that clients are verified payers. She should show her personality on her blog. It was an amazing lesson, and Apple took it all well. I'm sure she will do better.

After the webinar, I read the article for the first week of Learning Creative Learning. The paper tells about how kindergartens help children and adults become creative. First, we imagine. Next, we create and play. Then, we share and reflect. Afterwards, the cycle renews with imagining again and we repeat the process. At 11 pm, I watched the lecture. The professor gave a recap of the reading, told stories, and introduced the course and facilitators. It was an amazing lesson to finish an amazing day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to have fun in corporation law

Today, we had a class on corporation law. It was an interesting class because one of my classmates asked a question about special power of attorney. Then, our professor asked the person who previously recited to answer the question. Another classmate disagreed. So the questioner qualified his statement.

After the break, three of my classmates got into a debate on the liability of a president of a corporation in an illegal dismissal case. One of them said that he should have been no liability because the corporation alone is liable. Two of them disagree and said that the president is jointly liable with the corporation. It was so funny to look at them and then at our professor who was smiling the whole time.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Career talk

I attended a public sector career fair today. The speakers came from the Department of Energy, Commission on Elections, Office of the Government Corporate Counsel, Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of the Solicitor General, Kanlungan and Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal. They were all very funny and inspiring.

Then I went home and studied for credit and procedure. I tried to make an open book outline exam and I came up with 51 questions. Next time, I will do an open book exam for all my final exams.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Why We Procrastinate

I just found a new TED video called Why We Procrastinate by Vik Nithy. He says that we put things off because parts of our brain, the limbic system and the amygdala, live in fear and anxiety. We put off things when they are not known, not pleasurable or not simple enough for our "monkey brain" to do. While part of our brain, the prefrontal cortex, tells us that we should do the tasks, most of the time, the limbic system and amygdala win and we procrastinte.

How do we win over our brain to do the things right now? Vik Nithy says we should do meta cognition, or think about thinking. There are six things we should plan for: goals, time, resources, process, distractions, and failures.

First, we should have goals and steps to complete the goals. Second, we should set enough time to complete the goals. Third, get your resources at hand so you do not have excuses to do other distractions. Fourth, imagine yourself doing the tasks and it would be easier to finish the tasks. Fifth, plan for distractions so you can either schedule them or stop them when they come up. Sixth, never give up when you encounter failures, but just keep on going until you reach your goals.

Vik Nithy is just a student, but he is a good TED speaker. The talk is less than ten minutes so you can watch this over a break so you can do better.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

How procrastination can help you

I like this advice from Salon about procrastination: "Your 'procrastination' is actually your wiser self telling you that doing meaningless work is an outrage to the soul and that more real grieving needs to be done. If your job does not allow you to grieve, then your job is standing in the way of your being fully human and your job has to go."

Maybe for me, law school is part of the meaningless work that outrages my soul. Being a lawyer doesn't really allow me to grieve, or can it? I'm continuing law school because it can help me help myself, my family, and people grieving with injustice. But maybe I could have done the same thing while being a paralegal. At least, I know now a good side to procrastination

Learning Creative Learning

Hi! I've signed up for a course called Learning Creative Learning. I just learned it from a Lifehacker post. It's free and online. The course will run from February 11 to May 13. Sign up will close tomorrow, February 8.

Here's the course outline. There are only one to three readings per week. Seminars will be shown live every Monday 10:30 AM at Boston so it will be around 11:30 PM in the Philippines. But the seminars will be available online too.

If you want to join and work with me, you can put in the sign up form this invite code: 13008. The machine will put us in the same group. Happy learning!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How to stop thinking about sex

I normally don't think about sex. First, I'm a girl. I don't have wet dreams every night. Second, I'm a law student. I have laws and cases to read and recitations to be scared of.

But lately, I have been imagining and dreaming about sex and marriage. It's like I suddenly had sex hormones and have become a normal person. I started downloading free romance books on Kindle on Monday. Then I read the novel Dracula and had to watch Bram Stoker's Dracula on Youtube on Tuesday. Today I finished reading a romance book about a rich man marrying a woman he got pregnant after he learned that they had twins. Then I fantasized about sex while I was in the shower after reading a questionnaire about getting married.

It's fun to think about sex but it feels like I'm a different person. So I'm thinking of the possible causes of this anomaly. First, it's most likely a biological urge because I will become 30 soon. My body wants to have babies before it's too late.

Second, I have been getting more sleep because I sleep before midnight now. On Sunday, I slept early because I was already tired. My room mate sleeps earlier than me so I usually go to bed by 11 pm now. Being well rested makes people hornier apparently.

Third, I was one week late in taking my medicine. I take Althea, an oral contraceptive, because I have polycystic ovaries. Maybe when I took a two week break in my medicine, I got enough sex hormones to think sbout sex.

Fourth, I have not been drinking chocolate every morning. I just drink chocolate when I still feel sleepy. Since I sleep more now, I do not have to drink chocolate daily. I still eat chocolate cookies, wafers, and cupcakes. Chocolate is said to be a good substitute for sex. With less chocolate in my blood, maybe I'm substituting this lack with more thoughts of sex.

Fifth, maybe it's caused by the dead people in campus. No, I don't see dead people. We're just confronted with our own mortality. So we want to be happy and have our own children before we leave this world.

So how will I stop this? Maybe I should study more and scare myself with thoughts of recitations and exams. Or I can think about all the rape and sexual harassment cases I have read and wanted to kill the accused. Or maybe I can just let these thoughts come and go. After all, sex is fleeting until it makes you pregnant.

PS. I'm retaining this post verbatim because this is funny and shows me that I am human.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Two professors passed away

Professors Araceli Baviera and Domingo Disini of the University of the Philippines College of Law passed away last weekend. I did not study under them, but those who had have said that they were inspiring. They will be missed.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Feedback to Smart

My  mother switched to a Smart number after her Globe sim failed. Tonight she told me that her load of P221 was lost last January 31. This has never happened with Globe. So I tried calling Smart customer help but that failed. So I sent a help ticket on their website.

Here's my feedback:

Hi! This inquiry is for my mother. On January 22, she loaded P300 to her Smart prepaid cell phone,XXXXXXXXXX. On January 30, she checked her balance and it was P221. On January 31, she checked her balance but  she had no balance any more. Her entire balance just disappeared. When I called 02-888-1111 from a PLDT landline, I am refused access because the number has insufficient balance to access outgoing calls. But I was calling from a PLDT landline. What's more ironic is that Smart caused this insufficient balance in the first place. This has never happened with Globe. I hope you could credit to my mother's prepaid account the P221 she lost to Smart. Thank you and good day!

I also tweeted to both Smart and Globe for good measure

My mom's Smart prepaid lost P221 last Jan 31. Been calling 8881111 from PLDT landline but still refused access. Help please!

Hi! Is sim type 209 available in Globe stores? My mom han't replaced her sim since Dec 2012. She still has P300 load. Thanks!

What is happening to the telecommunications networks in this country? It's time to level up. Maybe I have found my calling: consumer advocacy.