Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We can do online marketing

Today I watched Jomar Hilario's webinar on online marketing. He said that online marketing is like telling stories. You share what you know, and you write the same way you speak. Don't write like a corporation. Use words you normally use. Be your natural self.

Then Jomar told the steps to do affliate marketing for Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club. Affliate marketing means when you refer people to the site, then you get a cut if they buy into the program. The commission is 20% so it's good money.

First, you have to join the club. You cannot share what you do not know. The club costs Php 497 per month or around US$12 per month.

Second, know everything in the club. Read the articles, and listen to the recordings. You have to explain things to people who ask.

Third, create a shorter affliate link. Jomar used Bitly to create one.

Fourth, write a teaser in your Facebook wall. Put a picture of a graph of stock prices. Ask a question at the end.

Fifth, when people ask or comment, tell stories and give the link to people you converse. Do not hijack other threads. Be respectful and introduce yourself when posting.

They have a contest on who will have the highest number of affliates. This runs until February 2013. I have to save first because I don't have credit cards, and bank deposits must have a minimum of six months. Are you joining?

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