Monday, January 21, 2013

My style is simple

While my mother was putting up curtains, she wished that I had more style. I said that I have style, but it is simple and different from hers. She said that I used to draw and dream about elegant clothes. I said that I like looking at those clothes on other people. I just want to wear clothes that are functional, comfortable, and affordable.

My brother said that if I had my way, I would choose a blouse that was very plain. I said yes, and it should be cotton or cotton blend. Mother said that cotton is expensive. I said that I have many cotton blouses, but I do not buy blouses often so I do not know prices today.

Brother said that my dorm room looks plain. Yes, it does, and I like it that way. Too bad, I have so many stuff in the master bedroom of our house. I cannot make it look as simple and minimalist as my dorm room now. Maybe in the future, I will do it.

Mother says that she feels sorry for me when she looks at my clothes. I like my clothes. They are plain and simple. They keep me covered and are comfortable to wear. Most of them were affordable.

This conversation led me to reflect about my style. I am a utilitarian person. I wear clothes because they are useful. I do not want to show off. In fact, I want to blend and not draw attention to myself. That's probably why I like my clothes as plain and modest as possible. I have sensitive skin so I need clothes that "breathe" and do not itch.

I just want to buy the things that I need. Brother has to remind to me in the grocery store that I can buy the things that I like. I do not have to ask Mother for approval. It is all right to eat more and buy processed food. I learn that if I buy the things that I like, I will use and appreciate them more.

I also tend to save things that can still be used. Hence, I have much clutter from the things that I have saved. These stuff include cards, receipts, flyers, brochures, paper, plastic, packaging, etc. When I sent home several plastic containers, Brother said that I can throw things away. Yes, I could but doing so feels such a waste. Maybe my life is not so simple after all.

What about you? What is your style in the way you dress and organize your home?

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