Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meet the relatives

Yesterday I went home to meet my aunt from the United States. It was all of a sudden for me, but not for my family who forgot to tell me. It was cool so I wore a jacket even if it was midday.

I rode on the train but gave up my seat for a child. When I looked back at my seat, a woman was sitting there. Then I realized that she was pregnant. Or maybe she was just fat. Anyway, she needs the seat more than the child does.

Our families ate at a Chinese restaurant and went grocery shopping. They visited our house and we posed for wacky pictures. I asked them how they do and made some small talk. At first, it was fine. But when I had nothing to say any more. I did not force myself to talk. Little steps are better than doing nothing.

After their visit, I was only able to write corporation law reviewers. I was not able to review cases for credit. Thank goodness I was not called for recitation. But the professor told us to prepare well.

I commuted and bought lotto tickets. I also tried to get a replacement Globe sim for my mother, but they do not have that kind of stock yet. Maybe Globe does not want us to be their customers.

So I was only able to talk with my group about the seminar and read the case I will digest for local government. I did nothing else. I would rather read books and articles on the computer.

I am not linking today because I do not want to drive people to this post. I just want to tell my future self about my day. I always read that blogs should drive traffic. This blog is just for me, and part of me wants to help people.

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