Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lessons from having no classes

This morning, I watched Ramit Sethi's webinar on how to interview with elite companies. I was blown away. Top companies paid a lot for airfare, hotels, and allowances to attract top performers. Hiring managers and recruiters can easily tell if someone is a high performer. It is someone with great social skills. They communicate and negotiate well. They deliver the results.

How do they communicate? Ramit says that they are confident. They are not aggressive or confrontational. They smile but they do not smile a lot. Oversmiling shows a weakness. They speak more slowly because every word matters. They modulate their voice to show enough emotion and not bore the listener. They start and end well.

I realized that I am not yet a top performer. I listen before I speak. I must think before I speak. I speak slowly and softly that often people cannot hear me. I smile a lot. I have bad recitations.

When we had a group meeting for local government, I only spoke at the end and only to recap our assignment. Our assignment is to read the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act and think of a program for our seminar. I just read it today, but I haven't thought of a program yet.

I also realized that I could focus and study well when I know that we will have class. I was able to read the cases for taxation and local government while waiting for our professors. But since our professors did not show up, we got a free break. Because I have no class tomorrow, I read the law and digested only one case for credit transactions.

I will continue tomorrow. I will finish the digests for credit, write three corporation law reviewers, create a program for the seminar, and format the provisions for special proceedings. My schedule is morning for credit, afternoon for corporation, and evening for government and procedure.

I am trying the links for today. Let's see how it goes.

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