Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to survive two classes without studying

I wasn't able to study for anything last Friday but managed to go to two classes on Saturday. I even recited in the later class. How did I do it?

My friend, the secret is reading digests. I have already printed digests for credit transactions so I just brought them to class along with my photocopies of the annotations.

For corporation law, I had to print new digests for that class. Fortunately, my classmate downloaded digests from his email tomy iPad. I saved those digests in my Dropbox. Then I edited and printed the digests at a computer shop.

I brought the digests to class along with my photocopied annotations. Of course, my recitation was not perfect but I was able to answer the professor's questions. She did not ask me if I read the case in the original, which she used to ask when a student has a bad recitation.

It is Sunday and I am now reading the cases in the original. This semester has been harder for me because I am now reading most cases in the original.

Use digests only when you are lazy or pressed for time. I have become lazy and complacent. I do not know how I survived my first year because I also had to read most cases in the original and adjust to law school. But I will survive!

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