Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to survive midterm month

Today I had a recitation in special proceedings. It was better than last time. I was able to answer some questions and recite two cases. For the other questions I was not able to answer correctly, my classmates recited and helped me. I was even called to help my seat mate but she was already very good. I do not know much about trusts so I have to review that. I am glad I did my action plan last week and finished digesting all cases.

I will have my first midterm exam on credit transactions on Saturday. The test is multiple choice but there would be fifty questions for one hour. My classmates told me to memorize provisions. I have been reading the provisions everyday since Monday. I hope to do very well on the exam. I hope to get perfect or at least top 10 so I can pull up my grades.

Today I will finish typing my corporation law reviewers. Then I will review local government, credit transactions, and corporation law. My class does not have taxation tomorrow and corporation law on Friday so I can focus on studying. On Friday next week, we will have our corporation law midterm exam. On Saturday two weeks from now, we will have our midterm exam on special proceedings. One Saturday in February, we will conduct a seminar for local government. These next few weeks will be busy, so help us God.

I read recently that Time magazine has an article on the best ways to study. It seems that doing practice tests and spacing out your lessons are the best way to do well in school. Meanwhile, highlighting, underlining, rereading, and summarizing are the worst ways to learn. For me, the lessons are to study daily and to prepare well for every class. I downloaded Evernote Peek so I can do practice tests using flash cards. Let's see how this goes.

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