Monday, January 28, 2013

How to react to a bomb

My mother just called me and told me about a bomb in our campus. I also read about that news in the internet. It was a good thing that our college and the shopping center were far away from the bomb site. That was the second bomb for the week.

The first bomb I got this week was when a group mate refused to submit her contribution for our reviewer. For background, our classmates formed a group to make a reviewer for corporation law. We were supposed to get the complete reviewer this weekend when we learned from our leader that one of our group mates backed out because the reviewer was too late for her.

Our group mate has already studied for the midterm exam last week without using the reviewer so submitting her parts would not benefit her at all. She told our leader that she won't submit her part any more and would leave the group. Our leader said that she could leave but it would have been better if she told us earlier. Her reply was priceles: "it was intentional that I did not inform you earlier, because I wanted all of you to feel the same"

From my understanding, the reviewer would be out this weekend, which happened. Apparently, our group mate and our leader had an agreement that they would release the reviewer earlier in the week, which did not happen. If that was the case, there was delay from the group, but the members still performed their assignments.

She refused to submit her part even after all have submitted their assignments. It would have been good if she gave us advance notice. But her reply smacks of bad faith because she wanted us to suffer. It is unfair, especially since some of our group mates submitted very early. But I doubt if any one will confront her because she is one of the most assertive and self-confident people in our class.

From this experience, I have no doubt that she will be an exceptional lawyer in the future. She is also one of the top 20 in our batch and interned at a top law firm. The rest of us are just regular guys who do our best and just want to pass our subjects.

We would just charge this to experience. We were calm when the bomb exploded. We avoided drama and fighting. We will just do the extra work and carry on. Now we know what the bombs are. Knowing is half the battle.

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