Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How a bad recitation can teach resilience

I had a bad recitation today in class. I was surprised that I was called. My seatmate even called my attention. I was not prepared and I wanted to say that to the professor, but I couldn't. Maybe I shouldn't have come to class, I thought.

I could not answer questions immediately. I had to read the provisions again while I was reciting. I changed answers several times because my first answers were wrong. My professor even had to call other classmates for their opinion. My seatmates helped me answer well, but I couldn't read their handwriting very well.

I was only called to recite one case. I tried to recite the case as best as I could. But because I was not able to make a good digest, I only gave a very short version. My teacher had to ask me more questions, but she later gave up and asked another student. A classmate recited the case well, and my professor said that's how to recite a case. Then the class ended.

I really felt that I put everyone down with my dismal recitation. But it seems that people do not mind. I just talked to another classmate in the library while I was reviewing the case that I just recited. He did not wonder why I was reading that case again and he did not say anything about the recitation.

So I just got home and resolved to do better. I opened my iPad and remembered to use the Super Better app. I was able to log in and complete power ups, battle, and quests. One of the bad guys I had to battle was the self-critic. I forgave myself and stopped criticizing myself. I can do better. So I made an action plan.

Here is my action plan:
1. Buy ink for the printer on Saturday.
2. Download all rules and provisions.
3. Format all provisions in the syllabus.
4. Print all provisions on pad paper.
5. Download digests from the net.
6. Print available digests on pad paper.
7. Encircle all cases that have no digests.
8. Write digests as early as Saturday.
9. Practice reciting provisions and cases.
10. Make a comparison of all remedies.

What is your action plan?

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