Sunday, January 20, 2013

Globe reply

This will be my last post about Globe. Maybe this can help, maybe not. Enjoy!

Good day Ms. XXXXXXXX,

We appreciate the time you have taken in writing us of your concerns. We would like to convey our sincere apologies for the frustration and inconvenience you may have experienced regarding this matter.

Please be informed that Globe stores only cater to walk-in customers, which means that contact numbers are not available and we have no access for this information.

We would like to have more options for you, but at this time, we can only advise you to visit another Globe store, if you have already done this, you may try again at a later time.

May we ask the following information for us to further determine the cause of your concern?

· Your mother’s Globe mobile number:
· Date of reloading P300:
· Reloading Channel (AutoloadMax, CallCard, Share-A-Load):
· Handset used for this number:
· Did you try to insert the SIM to other handset and experience the same?
· What is the physical status of the SIM? Was it broken, scratched, etc.?
We will be waiting for your response through this medium anytime.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Should you need further assistance, you may get in touch with us through the following channels:
Globe Chat Assist (
Globe Facebook Fan Page (
@talk2GLOBE on Twitter (

Or through our hotline: 211 (toll-free via Globe mobile, minimum load balance of P7.50 for prepaid) or (02) 730-1000 (toll-free via any Globe landline nationwide, toll-free within Metro Manila using other Landline Network Carrier and regular rates will apply using other Landline Network Carrier outside Metro Manila) Operating Hours: 8am-10pm.


Globe Customer Service

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