Saturday, January 05, 2013

First class fleas

We had our first class in credit transactions for the year. We were supposed to start with security devices today, but we had to go back to deposits again. In fact, we did not even go to a single case for security devices. But we learned a lot of history and law from our professor.

One thing I remember is that our culturei is such that people feel embarrassed when they see someone doing something wrong. Instead of confronting that person, we tend to tell the news and spread rumors. I feel the same way too, but I just stop at telling the news, and I do not spread rumors.

But our class was not prepared. Most of us did not have copies of the special laws assigned to us. Professor was still kind to us, but he told us to prepare for the midterm exam. Good luck to us!

Then I went to the school clinic after class. The doctor in the emrgency room prescribed to me permethrin, antihistamine, and gentamicin. I bought all of them. When I went home, I saw my aunt combing her dog. Then I set up two flea traps with candles on bowls of water. It just trapped one flea, and I put one flea I caught into the trap. Hope there are more tomorrow.

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