Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't worry, be lazy

Do you know your personality type? You can check it out over the internet. Just search "personality type" and look for tests. There are sixteen personality types for Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

My Myers Brigg personality type is INFP: Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. Introverts enjoy and get their energy being by themselves or a few people, as opposed to extroverts who enjoy being with many people. Intuitive people tend to think abstractly and focus on the big picture, while sensing people get more information from their five senses and do well with details.

Feelers tend to value emotions and relationships, while Thinkers tend to value thought and work. Perceptive people are more flexible and keep their options open, while Judgers are more structured and stick to a routine.

INFPs are the dreamers and idealists in the world. Being a dreamer can be a good thing because you could change the world. The problem is I tend to stop at just dreaming and do not act.

I could read blogs and articles for hours without worrying about my lessons. In fact, I have two classes tomorrow and I haven't reviewed for both of them. Granted, I have already read the provisions for taxation and the cases for local government, but I still have to master the stuff when I get called for recitation. Professors always ask for details, and I forget them. Why? I always focus at the big picture, not the details.

I just spent the time sleeping, eating, and reading stuff on the internet. I checked my email and downloaded apps recommended by Jomar Hilario. I read new articles from my Pulse reader and downloaded new free ebooks from Amazon to my Kindle.

I read the new posts and comments on Penelope Trunk's site and looked for INFP posts and comments. Then I searched for "lazy INFP" but the popular sites are not much help because I know them already. I'm the expert on INFP, remember?

So I am writing this blog to give me a sense of productivity and usefulness. I just write what I feel like writing and hope the lessons will come to me in due time. I hope I could create more meaningful work. I hope I could stop being lazy. Or maybe, my laziness could point me to work that I would truly enjoy.

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