Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do what you DO

I just have to post this. Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project has good advice: Do what you DO. Do the things that you enjoy. Just because something is fun for you doesn't mean it's fun for other people. She also tells a story about John and Jackie Kennedy in her post: People do best what comes naturally.

For me, what I do is read. It's so fun for me that hours can pass by while I read articles, click on links, skim forums, and download books. I have always believed that the internet was made for people like me. But I like to read inspiring content and in a relaxed manner. So my cases don't really count in the things I enjoy doing.

I do watch videos too, but I like reading better. Maybe it's because reading is something I can do by myself, and there is no noise. Maybe it's also because I don't like talking. I like to laugh but not talk. I do listen well and I learn more when I'm listening than when I'm talking.

I also like to draw and used to draw more in the past. Now I hardly draw. My Paper app has less than ten sketches. In the past, I could do ten sketches in a day. Maybe I should post a sketch with every blog post to inspire me to draw again.

What about you? What do you DO?

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