Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Lessons

I type lessons I learn during daily life in the Notes app. Here are the lessons since I have started:

- Close curtains in the master bedroom in the afternoon.
- Ask Mother for help about clothes and costumes.
- Write case digests before copying provisions.
- Do not say "exchange money" in public for security.
- Ask Brother when he is outside if he will eat at home .
- Sit up and face the light when you are fixing a phone.
- Do not read while lying down when Mother is near.
- Do not leave your underwear in the bath room.
- Check the MMDA app before travelling outside.
- Eat breakfast, take a bath, and get dressed in the morning..
- Print notes on pad paper at home during weekends.
- Study early. Do not sleep then try to study in the early morning.
- Edit text using a notepad app then transfer to Word.
- Wear socks. Tuck shirt in pants. Tuck pants in socks.
- Bring deodorant, napkin, and liner when you go home.
- Scan or encode syllabi that are not available in soft copy.
- Buy your medicine first from the school pharmacy.
- Finish everything that is assigned for a class.
- Use dark ink when passing off handwritten notes.
- Memorize all provisions for the midterm exam.
- Study for major exams well ahead of time.

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