Friday, January 04, 2013

Comment on Penelope Trunk's Homeschooling Blog

Hi Penelope! I like your picture. SimCity 2000 is amazing. I used to play SimCity when I was a child and a teen.

At first, I just made cities out of the terrain the simulation gave me. Then, I would change the terrain before making cities. I would either copy the geography of an actual city or make more terraces, rivers, and waterfalls, which increase land value. Later, I would use tilesets from the internet to give my cities a different look, like ancient Roman, Gothic, or neoclassic architecture.

But I always made sure that my cities had low crime and high health and education levels. In some cities, the citizens were so happy that they gave me parades.

I learned HTML and built a website to share my cities and tilesets, but I had to take down the site when Geocities closed.

I'm INFP. I like reading for fun. I usually read non-fiction books, news articles, and self-help blogs. I usually finish the books given to my parents before they would even touch it.

I used to doodle as a child. In an art class, our professor asked us to keep a sketchbook as our notebook. I brought that sketchbook in all my other classes and drew the faces of my classmates and professors, the movies that we saw, and the cityscapes outside the classrooms.

Unfortunately, I never majored in architecture, urban planning, psychology, or art. While I did not have an SAT tutor, I enrolled in a "magnet school" and was criticized for spending too much time on the computer and reading too much non-school books.

I studied in a national science high school where almost everyone was a valedictorian in elementary school. I majored in engineering during my first year in college because it was technical and I was introverted. I shifted to foreign service when my family moved to Washington because my parents said that a social science major suited me more.

When I came back home, I got my bachelor's degree, worked as a writer and researcher for a few years. I liked writing and research as long as I have a boss who would provide me with direction, structure, snd feedback. But those jobs did not have growth and gave little pay.

My family had a legal problem at this time. So I took a law school exam, passed it, quit my job, and went to law school.

Fortunately, I will not have debt from law school. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy law school at all. I put off studying and reading my cases at the last minute. Recitation still terrifies me even though I'm already in my third year. I just want to master the law so that I would pass the bar exam next year.

Anyway, I'm a good illustration of someone who did not take all her interests and personality to heart when choosing a career. With your blog, I am learning more about myself, my career prospects, and about life in general. Thank you, Penelope!

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